Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pictures of Finnian From the Holidays

Finn with our Christmas tree right after we put it up.

Finn with friends Alex & Piper at Alex's Birthday Party.

Finn and Gammy at Santa's Village I think...

Finn visiting with Momma Millie on her birthday. He told her an in depth story about where the choo-choo train was hidden in the wall mural (there was no train or train tracks...).

Finn showing off his new overalls he got for Christmas and waking Mom up from her nap at the sametime. He is probably telling me to "Stop It Daddy!" His new favorite sentence.

Finn kicked back on his shiny new John Deere tractor that he got for Christmas from Gammy and Papa. He loves sitting on the tractor and running it into stuff inside, but hasn't quite got the hang of things outside yet. He can't seem to steer.

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