Saturday, December 26, 2009

Goat Injury Round-up

Well here is the low-down on the goat situation:

All the goats are finally home and alive! Scraggles is suffering from the worst of the situation by far. On top of having her hind legs torn apart, the stress of everything caused her to go into labor and miscarry while at the vet's office. I'm not sure how many babies were in there or exactly how far along they were, but he said "They were real early..." Which leads me to believe it was more than one. So not only am I out $195 on a vet bill, but I also lost multiple kids and the feed and time it took to get them to where they were as well as three trips to Pulaski.

So once again we find ourselves doctoring and rehabbing Scraggles. We have to go out and make sure she gets up and hobbles around at least a couple times a day. She is super weak and has little desire to get up and move around as you can imagine. She has shown some improvement each day she has been home though.

Bopeep is the other one that is hobbling around. She has an injured back leg as well and suffered some bite wounds to her throat (but the leg wound is the worst). She at least has three legs she can walk on and hops around to get to the grain bucket pretty good. Jewel was the other one with injuries but you can't even tell now.

There have been more dog trespasses but I am pretty sure they are just coming around to hang around Daisy and the goats just got caught in the crossfire. Another reason she needs a new home...

I have to say I do like our new farm animal vet, but so does everybody else between here and Nashville I think. Every time I have been there I have had to park behind the building because it was so busy. Even on the Sunday we took in the goats because of the attack by the time we left two people had come in and just sat down to wait...Sometimes it is hard to follow his train of thought and keep up with who/what he is talking about, but he really does care about the animals and isn't just going through the motions. He can be a little rough with them, but I guess that is just him trying to get the job done and not waste anytime finding out what is wrong with them.

More to come...

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  1. I hope Scraggles recovers quickly. That's a bummer that you lost her kids.


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