Saturday, December 26, 2009

Farm Structure Updates

So here are the catch up pictures I have been promising. I can't remember if I showed the goat A-frame or not, but here is the shot of it from the closed end. It is equipped with two old cable spools on the interior to give them two levels of living space and a place to get up off the ground when it is wet.

Here is the mighty Chicken-Tank! Equipped with a built in gang-plank door on the down hill side, two hinged hardware cloth windows on either end, an easily accessible nest box enclosure on the side, and a hinged roof that leans up with built in supports. Moving this monster requires a little horse power and is liable to leave a little bit of a track through the yard.

It has an open floor with two roosts spanning the middle of the structure and a walkway up one wall to the nest boxes. It also has a rod to hang food and water from that the birds can't roost on so no spoiling the goodies. This is one of the two roosters. We haven't named the birds... and don't plan to unless one is HotWings and one is Fingers.

They really enjoyed the grass that they got to peck at when we first put them in. Now that we are without guard dog(s) I was thinking about moving the Chicken Tank in with the goats, adding some brown egg layers, and putting up an electric fence.

Here is a shot of the nest boxes with flip-up-lid in action. We are hovering at around 3 eggs a day from 4 hens. I'd say that isn't too bad. We'd like to add the brown eggs to the mix as well, and we're approaching "Egg Self-sufficiency" as it is. Now if we can keep the goats alive long enough to reach milk self-sufficiency...

Here is a profile view of the guinea pen. It is covered in bird mesh and framed with treated wood and T-posts with field fencing over it as well. They have an old dog house to get out the rain in which I put a hinged roof on so that I can check in there and feed them in it if it is raining. We're still holding strong at 21 guineas for the time being, but haven't gotten any eggs yet from them.

Here is a view of the guinea pen from the end with the waterer. I made them some roosts out of old Bradford Pear tree branches from a friend's yard. The door on the far end is an economy screen-door from Lowe's that we covered in hardware cloth.

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