Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bloody Sunday...

Well not the best Sunday ever.... We woke up to a dog attack on the goats, or actually the aftermath of one. One seriously injured, one moderately, one lightly, and one cosmetically. I get to find out today how much it is going to cost me at the vet (they kept two of them for two days...). I have yet to confront the dog owner, was trying to wait til I get the vet bill but it has been snooping around again just out of pellet gun range. However, If we catch it in the act again I fear it will be curtains for said dog...

While loading the injured goats into the truck Chesney got out and ran away. We looked for her off and on, but can't find her. Maybe someone else will and either give her a good home or bring her back. She is a strange dog; whenever she sees the gate cracked open she runs for it. Not just tries to get out, but tries to run miles and miles away and I have no idea why.

To be honest it seems that we'll be looking for homes for our "guard dog(s)" now that they have utterly failed at their main purpose. Daisy is a good dog and would be a great pet. She's good with kids and 98% of the time good with other animals. She plays a little rough with Guthrie but I think it is because they were raised together. She gets along with the cat, the dogs, and hasn't really messed with the birds at all. So if you or someone you know is in need of a big lovable outside dog (but not a guard dog) let me know. If Chesney comes back I suppose she'll need a new home as well. She is a sweet dog most of the time; jumps a lot though. LOL. Anyone have any experience with llamas or donkeys as guard animals? I am very disheartened with relying on guardian animals however since you never know if they are actually going to protect them or not until it happens...

Scraggles got the brunt on the attack and couldn't walk; she almost looked like she'd been double-hamstrung. She was bleeding a lot and nearly in hypothermia from shock. Poor girl, she just can't catch a break I guess. BoPeep was the next most injured: minor neck wounds and leg wounds. Jewel had some leg injuries but were somewhat minor. Tolstoy might have tried to help, not sure really, but he had a cut ear...

On a lighter note, Finn went to see Santa Claus last night and loved him! He broke loose from Gammy and Momma and ran to him and hugged his neck and told him that he wanted books for Christmas. He is almost hugging him in the one pose they were able to get a good picture of...

Beautiful day today. Will update on goats soon as I get word..... Wish us luck!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about the dog attack. We had that happen once when we first got goats and before we had our livestock guardian dogs. We lost one goat and had two more injured, one seriously, though she did pull through in the end. To this day there is nothing I hate more than people that let their dogs run loose, especially when they live near livestock. The 3S rule (shoot, shovel & shut-up) is applied here when dealing with dogs that are actually chasing/injuring or killing livestock. It is not something I would like to do but I will protect my animals first. It is a shame too because it isn't the dogs fault it is the irresponsible owner.

    How old are your LGDs? They are not always dependable until they are a year old or more. We have had nothing but great luck with our Great Pyrs and they have been tested but then again with livestock guardian dogs either they have that natural guardian instinct or they don't. Most do but if they ain't got it they ain't got it. Good luck to you and I will be praying your two injured goats at the vet's office comes through this OK.

  2. I'm sorry about the goats. That is tough! I put mine in the stall at night. Donkey's are supposed to be the best guard against dogs. I may end up getting one someday.

  3. I have a small farm in Maryland. Last summer, we had dogs come and attack our chickens. They killed one and injured another so badly, I had to put it down. I caught them and called animal control. They were taken away. Apparently, the owner picked them up, paid the $100 fine and took them home.

    A week later, the dogs were back. One of our dogs chased them off. I called animal control again and was told I could take the owners to animal court for compensation if I wanted (it's free for us here). Also, he said I was within my rights to protect my property, which includes livestock. In other words, I can shoot the dogs if they come back. The animal control officer then paid another visit to the owner to inform them that we would kill the dogs if they came around again. We haven't seen them since.

    Two suggestions: If you are going to shoot the dogs, I suggest using something more powerful than a pellet gun. Even a .22 would do. Also, your local sheriff should be willing to help you. Your neighbors may not be that friendly or sympathetic if you confront them especially with vet bills, which I'm sure are not going to be cheap.

    Whatever you do, I wish you the best. We've all been there. It's a total drag.

  4. Thanks for the thoughts and comments folks! Apparently my settings got changed and I didn't get an alert when you posted them. Sorry. I really do appreciate it though.

    LGD's are about 2yrs and the other is about 10 months. A friend of mine has a donkey that he said he would give me, but I don't know if I want to deal with that yet or not.

    I was trying to run the dogs off with the pellet gun mainly b/c of Lindsay wanted me to try that before I did anything more "drastic." But that is over now... 3S rule is in effect. ;|


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