Saturday, November 28, 2009

November Updates Etc

written on November 28, 2009:
Well we are almost finished with the movable chicken coop now. We actually started it yesterday and should finish it minus paint tomorrow. We had to watch the game in between bouts of building it (thanks DVR). I have to put in the dividers in between nesting boxes and a roost and something to hang the feeders from but it is mostly done.

We have started getting eggs now! So far I think we've gotten about 6 or so, and I even put one in Lindsay's Birthday Cake. Finn's birthday went well also. I'll get some pix up soon. Goats are growing, and so are the guineas. We are about to try and build a movable chicken pen with PVC and bird netting etc soon.
Pictures coming soon of everything....

Well the chicken tractor ark tank is finished now except for the final layer of roof and a paint job. It is a solid monster that is for sure. We also have a temporary outdoor covered pen for them attached to it at the moment as well.

Next up are the movable chicken pen and the library computer desk (and putting up the Christmas tree I guess).

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  1. Looking forward to the pictures of the chicken tractor!


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