Monday, November 02, 2009

A Home For The Guineas

Well I have the guinea pen fully functional at the moment. It is about 8'x30' or so with Redbrand field fencing around 4 corner posts with 3 T-posts on each side. The entire thing is covered in bird netting over the sides and top, which is attached with zip-ties to the field fencing. I used a screen door covered in hardware cloth for the entrance and the old doghouse with a "new" hinged roof for their housing. I set one of the cages inside the house to provide a temporary roost with a droppings pit for them. Currently the ridge of the doghouse is flashed with some stiff sheet metal and looks raggedy, but I am working on a solution for that... Sad news though; we had 1 guinea fatality on the 1st day here. I am proud to report that as the only one though so far!

Yesterday Nana came over and helped us tidy up some of the yard and around the shed. It isn't fully straightened up yet, but vastly improved. I also "organized" the feed barrels and other stuff in the shed, mainly because I had to add an extra one to accommodate the poultry feed.

I am also pleased to report that Guthrie's wounds are healing nicely so far, and for the most part the dogs have not molested him anymore (except we did catch them on him like a pair of Chinese finger-chuffs last night for a second before we scolded them...). I have been readying our birthing kit for kidding time. I still need a scalpel and some latex gloves, but other than that I almost have it done.

My next animal housing project is of course the chicken coop. I am trying to decide now whether or not to follow the same blueprint for their yard that I used for the guineas. Right now I have a plan to make their area a good deal larger (since we plan on adding more chickens) and with a mobile coop equipped with laying boxes.

We are also getting ready for Finn's 2nd birthday party this Saturday. Elmo/Sesame Street Theme. I am doing a trade with a friend of mine who does backhoe work so that we can get our driveway issues fixed. The ponds in our neighbor's pasture overflow and run across our drive and have been washing it out. Now at the low spot there is a heck of a mud hole. Hopefully the backhoe + a load of creek gravel = serviceable driveway + happy wife.

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  1. You could just have the backhoe as an attraction for the party :-)
    Better than a pony...I think.


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