Sunday, October 11, 2009

Friday and Saturday...

Well today I managed (with the help of Josh) to worm all the goats finally.

We did indeed go to the goat festival and Finn had a good time petting and looking at all the goats, but he was a tired little boy by noon. We did find a pretty neat little bakery in Pulaski, and we got to try some goat barbecue too. Lindsay thought it was like eating fish in an aquarium, but I didn't mind. Our good friend Josh Whitehead won the 5k race and got a unique trophy that incorporated an old go-kart tire. I believe his wife Deanna won a trophy as well, but I am not sure which place she came in. Congrats guys!

Yesterday we went and visited some friends for their house warming/football watching party. Finn had a ball playing with Gracie & Colin Bedingfield. We had some great food and camaraderie, but Auburn performed abysmally for the first time all year and lost. The only bright spot of the football day was LSU losing, but we had fun and merriment despite our team bombing.

Tried to call and answer an add for 10 free boer goats to a good home today, but I guess I was too late. Haha...

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  1. I don't even want to talk about the Auburn game...



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