Thursday, October 08, 2009

Finally, My Pickled Eggstravaganza Recipe

Here is my first batch of pickled eggs. I took this picture right after pickling them. As of right now, the jar is about half-full. I had to sample some to make sure they were edible after all. That is one of the big jars that I got at a yard sale, and it holds almost exactly 18 eggs with peppers. I chopped up banana peppers and jalapenos (both from our garden) and added them to the mix. I followed a rough recipe that I got off the website I linked to before, but I changed it a little.

This was my basic recipe:

4 tbsp salt
8 tbsp sugar
18 hard boiled eggs
3 dried bay leaves
3 tbsp Garlic Salt
A bunch of chopped peppers
Vinegar & water mixture (1/2 white vinegar, 1/4 apple cider vinegar, 1/4 water)

Procedure: Boil and peel eggs, put in jar in layers of 3 or 4, pile in peppers, and layer peppers and eggs to the top of the jar. Add spices and sugar on top. Pour in the vinegar mixture until all eggs and peppers are covered. Place in refrigerator for at least 2 to 4 weeks. Can be good from 18-24 months if refrigerated.
Here is a bunch of peppers I got the other day. All of these are jalapenos; I had more bell peppers than this. I chopped them up and froze them in bags for use later. I think I am going to make use of some of these in a couple more batches of pickled eggs/peppers.

My first batch of eggs/peppers turned out just a tad sweet and not as hot as I would have liked. I might allow them more time to cure next time and add a little more salt and a little less sugar. Otherwise I enjoy the convenience of having them in the fridge for making tuna or egg salad or for just eating with breakfast.

Here is Nana, Finn, and Wicket playing in the toy room. The other day. On an unrelated note, we are heading to the Lewisburg, TN Goats & Music Festival tomorrow to check it out. We've never been before, but maybe it will be fun.

Here is a picture I just took in the living room. That is actually fairly neat compared to his normal toy-tornado. It sure is hard to corral all that stuff...

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