Monday, October 12, 2009

Auburn Observations

These were some comments I posted on my favorite Auburn Blog: warblogeagle.
Crowson says:

i don’t know if u watched the auburn football review or not but i just have to say Chizik’s postgame talk made me feel like it was my fault we lost… i got that pit in my stomach that you get when you are getting chewed out for doing something wrong and you know you did something wrong… i hope it motivates… also, i hope all the skill players have to tote footballs around all week after that fumble-fest… i think our defense should be better than it is; i know chizik’s style used to be “bend dont break” and i’m good with that, but it just seems like he havent been as staunch as we should be. The DBs seem a little out of it sometimes, and the LBs seem out of position more than they should be. I’m no coach, but that’s just my take on it. I know Roof is a good coach, and that our depth on D is shaky; it just seems like something isn’t meshing there yet.

I hate listening to Chris Spielman. The rest of the guys don’t bother me, but he is an idiot. I have never ever liked listening to him; thankfully most of the time he does MAC and Big Ten games. I wish it would stay that way.

Crowson says:

one more thing. i think Mallet will be a good, productive, strong armed QB, but it irks me when people call him accurate. I just don’t see it. He is way off on a bunch of throws. But if he continues to get better under Petrino I think he’ll be a first day, if not first round pick. He is waaay better than Snead in my opinion and Kiper had him ranked in the top 3 NFL QB prospects before the season started.

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