Monday, September 07, 2009

There's A New Goat In Town

Well I put an ad on craigslist advertising that I wanted a Nigerian Dwarf Buck for breeding with my girls. I had 7 calls in two days. I also said that I wanted some does too, but not a single one of the callers had a doe up for grabs. One of the callers had a great friendly buck that had sired a kid already and was about a year old and could be registered. Exactly what I wanted. Reasonable price. Took a labor day trip. Bought a goat. His name is Joey. Lindsay thinks he is scary looking. Decide for yourself.

He was a lot more solidly built than I expected. I think if anything makes him look scary it might be the black around his eyes, but I think he looks kind of cool. He is officially listed as a "pinto." The family we bought him from raises mini-horses and a few goats and chickens. He is super friendly and plays well with her son, but he had been getting frisky with the mini-horses of late. And by frisky, I mean he had been humping them. She also wanted to bring in a blue-eyed billy to put with her does I think, and of course, was tired of the buck odor he kept rubbing all over them.

He and Tolstoy had to check each other out through the fence. A good grunt was had by all. I went ahead and separated the goats by who I wanted to breed with who since it is getting close to that time anyway.

Once out of the truck and into the pen he sniffed and grunted at all the girls and boys he could find, ran around with Daisy, and played in the woods. I don't think any of the girls have been in heat yet this year but I could be wrong. Maybe Tolstoy didn't knock any of them up yet (Guthrie is the only goat I have seen him mount so far).

So I plan on breeding Joey with Jewel, Scraggles, and Bopeep. I plan on breeding Tolstoy to Buttercup and Geraldine, but if Guthrie is able to get in there and breed one of them I will be okay with that too. Guthrie is either half or quarter lamancha and half nubian or boer. He isn't as meaty as a boer, and his boniness reminds me more of a dairy goat but it could just be the lamancha coming out in him.

Geraldine and Buttercup still remain the more skittish of the goats but they get better day by day. I don't know about you all but I still think she is a fine looking goat. I like her coloration probably best out of all our goats (Geraldine that is, pictured above).

Up next: Canoe Hell-ride Volume II (if you missed volume one, I will see if I can scrape up a copy for you somewhere in the old blog archives).

Don't miss it.


  1. I love Joey! He is really...uh..interesting looking. I have never seen a goat like him.

    Does are harder to find. No one wants to part with a good doe.We found some via a rescue organization.

  2. I also think Joey is interesting a Royal kind of way.

    I have read about the first canoe ride, but would like to read it again, before reading the up-coming installment.


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