Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some Family Pictures

Here are a few pictures to tide you over until the next full length post on canoe rides and pickling eggs (I finally tried it).

These pictures were from a few weeks ago when we met my dad and his wife Donna at the park in Huntsville. It was fairly warm that day, but Finn had a ball!

Papa Gerry has always let him grab at leaves and flowers and such outside, so he loves to do this now. He will make an elaborate sniffing action and say, "Ummm, smells good!" He also does this with pretty much anything that has a strong odor. Sometimes he says garbage smells good... Sometimes he says candles and such are "Peeeww!" and laughs.

This is an early morning play session gone wrong. Notice the sunglasses in his hand. He went through about a week where he just kept putting sunglasses on and off over and over and tried to put them on everybody else too. He had to have a pair in his hand at all times, even when we went out... There were numerous instances where I almost lost an eye. Ocular cavities beware of toddlers with sunglasses!!!

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  1. Lovely family!
    My older son has a tonka trunk identical to Finn's, and he LOVES it. My husband accidentally ran over it, and we had to go replace it that day before he noticed.


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