Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Trip To Pulaski

We took Tolstoy to the vet on Friday. I called earlier in the day to make sure they were open and what not and they suggested that I come around 4:30 so that it wouldn't be as busy... We had to wait an hour and a half just to get into the exam room, and another long while until the vet could come in and out and do the exam off and on amongst other exams that were going on. It was about the most chaotic vet visit we have ever had, but I am glad we took him since he ended up having pneumonia. Many shots and many shots sent home with us to give him later.

I have to agree with my apiarist Mr. Forsythe though; the Pulaski vet is an interesting fellow. You could never tell if he was talking to you or one of his assistants or another patient out in the hall... It was an experience, but at least he knows about goats!

Last night Lindsay and I cut up all the onions and jalapenos that were sitting around the house and put them in salt water to soak for 18 hours so that I can pickle them this evening. I think it should go pretty well, but I won't have my lovely assistant tonight (she has to work). It was a big help having someone else peeling the onions while I handled the jalapenos (with gloves). I will probably put up some okra with the next batch that comes in and possibly some beans if I get a mess of them.

Next project is getting the utility shelves built. It shouldn't take too long once I get started. The figs are starting to come in at my dad's so I'll be doing something with them soon too. I am bidding on a food dehydrator on ebay too so maybe i can use that do do some of the stuff that I am getting from the garden etc.

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