Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Happenings

Well let's see, what's been going on?

A few days ago Chesney and the goats got loose somehow again. The best i can figure is that one of the dogs jumped on the gate and knocked the latch loose... Chesney ran off and we didn't find her until late that night about 3 miles away. The goats went straight to the garden and started eating corn, which is fine, since I was growing it for them anyway mostly.

We are plotting and planning to build a 20x20 barn on the concrete slab I had poured when we were building the house. It is only about 30 ft from the goat pen, so that works out. It was originally going to be a workshop, but this will be better anyway since I have a workbench in the garage.

I am in the process of buying a truck as we speak. Lindsay's uncle had a 1999 GMC Sierra that he was looking to sell and knew that I was looking for a long wheel base, extended cab truck for not a lot of money so that worked out! I have to go by the bank tomorrow and figure out the paper work stuff, but already paid a chunk and have the truck.

I have been needing a truck and this one will do the job and be able to provide us with some extra transportation since the van needs something done to the cooling system again.

The garden is petering out, but we are still getting okra, basil, a few green tomatoes, some green and banana peppers, and a bunch of jalapenos... We visited my dad's house today after we picked up the truck, and picked all his pears! Now we have to let them sit a week or so while we figure out what we want to do with them.

I have also become slightly addicted to a free online real-time strategy game called Evony. It is kind of like the game Age of Empires. I recommend you don't play it, because you probably wouldn't be able to stop (just ask my wife...).

Football season is around the corner and we are less than a week away from Auburn's first game of the year. I just hope we have found the solution to our offensive woes once and for all with Gustav Malzhan our new OC. I told my friend Adam that I didn't care if we had a losing record as long as we had an offense for once, but let's be honest, I want a winning record and an offense.... I am hoping to take Finn to a game this year, but I might wait until next year when he might enjoy it a little more.

All for now!


  1. Glad you found all your goats OK. I can see them going straight for the corn. My goats were stretching their heads through the fence to reach as much of our garden corn as possible. I always said if they ever get out that corn is a goner for sure! I know just where they will go the corn rows!! hehe

    My husband and I have been playing Mafia Wars on facebook. It is very addictive too and even though I am starting to get bored with it my husband is still going strong with the game and spending lots of time on it.

  2. I'm glad you got all your goats back.
    I'll take your advice regarding the game. The last thing I need is another addiction.


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