Monday, August 10, 2009

Figs, Peach and Apple Butter, and a New "Larder"

We finally got the shelves for the utility room finished and installed. The installation was the hard part let me tell you. 78 inches wide and 8 ft. 1 inch tall. We had to bring them in on their side and then manage to rotate them erect while sliding them diagonally across the room since the utility room is only about 7 ft wide or so. I will put up some pictures soon.

We also canned some stuff this weekend: apple butter, peach butter, and fig jam. The apples came from Gerry and Foodland, I got the peaches from an Isom's Orchard vendor, and the figs came from my dad's fig tree. I decided to go and buy a dehydrator and food saver the other day at the dreaded Wal-Mart. I have tried my hand at dehydrating some tomatoes, but think I let them go a little too long. I actually had a small crisis midway through processing the tomatoes to put in the dehydrator.

It had just got dark when I heard some rummaging around on the back steps just outside the kitchen window. I thought I heard a goat but dismissed the idea as silly. 5 minutes later I heard an intense bleating just outside the window; definitely a goat! Finn and I were alone so I put a Tigger and Pooh on TV real quick to entertain him and rushed out. Sure enough, Daisy had Guthrie in a headlock on the back steps, I grabbed him up and started hauling him back to the pen. We discussed the intricacies of how he got out of the pen to some extent before I noticed the gate standing wide open and Tolstoy bleating loudly from his pen. I put Guthrie back in and scanned the horizon. I noticed some goaty shapes in the driveway and set off to get a bucket and food trying to figure out how in the hell I was going to quickly wrangle all the goats and the freedom loving Chesney back into the pen by myself in the dark before an episode of My Friends Tigger and Pooh came to an end. Daisy was on my heels the entire time and when Chesney who was following the roaming herd around saw her she came running towards up. Jewel followed her and the rest of the gang followed Jewel. I just shook the bucket with the feed scoop in it and led Jewel back down and into the pen and the whole gang just followed me right into the pen and let me shut it. I was utterly amazed... I still don't know how the gate came open, but I am glad I have a lead goat like Jewel leading the show. I made it back inside in plenty of time for Tigger and Pooh to play out and finished the tomatoes. I think I left them in a little too long though; too crispy.

I have a load of honeyed figs in the dehydrator as we speak, and have another load to do tomorrow after these are finished. This evening Lindsay and I transferred all our home canned goods to the new "larder" as Josh calls it. I have a while to go before it is full, but we'll get there. I hope I get some of this okra I have put up in there in the next few days. Maybe I'll get some beans to go in there as well. Past bedtime....


  1. It's funny you mentioned the goat fiasco today. Last night I could swear that I could hear a goat making noise outside. I was so sure that my husband had closed a pen without all of the right inhabitants in it. We went tramping outside with a flashlight to find nothing amiss. Turns out it was just the fire radio making noise in the next room. duh!

  2. It is always irritating when you keep thinking you hear something, but can't figure out if it is real or not. Like a car coming up the drive or something.

    I also forgot to say that Nana & Aunt Liz helped with the canning tremendously!


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