Monday, July 06, 2009

Pleasures of Parenthood

I know it is silly to get such pleasure out of such little things like all the goats running up to the gate in anticipation of the grain to be doled out, but I really do enjoy it. Finn loves going out to see them too, and gets mad if I don't let him go in with me. So far they haven't made any hostile moves towards him (fingers crossed).

I love these things about being a dad: the smile on my son's face when I come in after being gone all day and he runs up and hugs my leg and says "Aw..." like he does whenever he gives someone a hug that was asked for, waking up to him climbing all over me in the morning trying to get a hold of my phone and glasses from the nightstand, or when he whacks me in the head with one of his books to wake me up in the morning and then hands it to me to read to him. Words can't really describe what all those moments mean to me.

I have to say though, one of my favorite things is when he comes out to feed the animals with me in the morning and gets his Winnie the Pooh bucket and badgers me to put some corn in it so that he can toddle beside me hauling his share of the feed down to the goat pen. I quickly learned that I couldn't really give him some of the allotted feed to give to the animals because once I put it in the bucket it belongs to Finn and he'll be damned if any of those animals gets their nose in it (we had a couple of bad fit-pitchin' experiences with that so now I just give him a little handful of corn to carry and if they get some great, if not it's no biggie).

I think he would live outside if given the choice. If anyone even hints at going outside he runs to the door and looks back at you and says " 'side???" If you don't get up and go he'll come over to where you are and grab a finger and drag you to the door. One of his first sentences was "Mama, 'side now!!!" He has developed some bad habits outside lately. He likes to climb on the lawnmower which is a no-no. But the bigger bad thing is his fascination with ant hills and the fact that he has decided it is a good idea to stick his finger in them. This has only resulted in a few bites so far, but the potential is there for something really bad to happen (he got fussed on today for this twice).

The joys of parenthood right? They melt your heart by giving you a hug and eloquently saying all the parts of your face (Finn says nose really good, but it kind of sounds like "nobes"), but then you have to make them cry to understand a stove is hot and not to stick their hand in an ant bed...

I hope to get time to work on the new goat gate tomorrow; I plan on making it out of an old 10' long pallet that is super sturdy. Wish me luck!


  1. I wish mine liked going outside to help me. He most of the time would rather stay inside. I've always been a big believer in learning things on your own. It wouldn't take long to learn not to put your hand in a ant hill.

  2. Indeed... it's a joy to watch Kiddo grow, terrifying too.

    We love watching the pigs eat too. They start grunting when they hear us, and drool when we approach the feed trough, wagging their curly tails. :)



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