Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pictures and Such

I have included some of the pictures I snapped yesterday into today's post, enjoy! This first one is Tolstoy and Geraldine on their last day in the same pen. Yep, that's right!

The new gate to the new buck pen is done and the bucklings are enjoying (not really) all the extra room. Tolstoy tried to push through the fence to get back into the pen with the ladies and got his fat head stuck. The ladies all gathered around and watched as Scraggles butted him over and over until I was able to free him despite Guthrie nibbling my hands and playing red rover between my legs... He also has bleated like he was being castrated or something; I guess he really doesn't like being separated too much.

They got the igloo doghouse for shelter for now. I hope to get them a lean-to built soon to give them some shade (even though they can go into the woods and get under a tree). I probably need to add a few extra posts to the shared fence since the boys will probably try harder to get at the girls once they go into season... I know back when I was a kid the goats could really jump like deer, but I can't see that meaty Tolstoy flying over the fence. When I picked him up today I decided it would probably be the last time I picked him up; I just barely got him over the fence and into the other pasture without dropping him. Can boer bucks jump like the Spanish brush goats?

This is a picture of our beloved Daisy. She is 3/4 Great Pyrenees and 1/4 Australian Shepherd. She and Finn are on a first name basis most of the time. She does tend to knock him down while loving on him on occasion. She was referred to by my friend Goodman as "...the lickin'est dog I've ever seen!" She is also the only dog I have ever seen that climbs into the water trough to take a drink. She will usually then go climb into red dirt. She likes to stay dirty; you clean her off and she runs right for the mud puddles. She is probably the most clever dog I have owned before (probably the Aussie in her). She can escape from anything pretty much; she doesn't like fetch though. I think she knows how to play, but just chooses not to. She doesn't bark near as much as Chesney either, and she mainly does it when there is a reason to (other than warding off potential threats and such).

Since I am doing a run down of our farm "helpers" now, I guess I should include one of the best, our barn cat...

Here is a picture of the feared Merlin the Murderer. He kills rabbits, birds, mice, rats, moles, voles, etc. and most of the time he "plays" with them until they die... He doesn't get along with Daisy that well... Mernin, as Finn calls him, has taken up residence in the "loft" of the garden shed and meows at us in the morning when we go to get food for the goats. He has his own little ramp now that he uses to climb up there. I have just taken to reaching up and putting his food in the loft so that he and Daisy don't bump heads over the food on the ground.

Got to visit with my best friend from high school, Lanny White, and he got to witness the destruction my son wrought first hand. Finn snuck to the flower bed and decided our garden gnome needed to try his hand at flying, and onto the front steps at that. The gnome is now legless. I am going to try and glue it back together, but odds are slim. He got the farm tour and almost got to help me free Tolstoy's head from the fence.

Here are some bad pictures of our newest addition BoPeep, the Nigerian Dwarf Doe. I couldn't get a good shot of her for some reason. She isn't quite as tame as I would like, but I am hoping she will come around the same way the Boki girls are. I can actually pet Geraldine for about 4 seconds before she moves away, and Buttercup for about 1.2 seconds...

Did I mention I bought a child's lasso the other day at Tractor Supply for those days that I can't catch them... I need to practice with it though.

I picked a peck of peppers from the jalapenos today; if only my tomatoes were ready too I could make salsa! I may just can them or something.

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