Monday, July 13, 2009

Jalapeno Jelly and Yard Sales

I tried my hand at making some Jalapeno pepper jelly yesterday. It went okay except for the fact that once again my jelly didn't set good. I made one really big mistake; I didn't wear rubber gloves. I thought, "I will just wash my hands real good and get all the pepper off; I don't need gloves." Boy was I wrong. I burned all over! Up to my elbow, the lower half of my face, my neck, my tongue, and other unmentionable places... And that is after washing my hands like 10 times! I hands are still burning 30 something hours later. Lesson: No matter how big and tough you are (*wink wink) you should still wear gloves when handling that many peppers.

Saturday Nana and I went to some yard sales. I haven't done that since I have been a "grown-up," and it was pretty fun. We scored some pretty good stuff: kitchen scale, some gardening baskets, a bunch of half-pint jars and some gallon jars and assorted other mason jars, a squeeze clamp, a 100' tape measure, 4 gallons of tan paint, an old enamel-covered wash tub, some burlap sacks, and a few random other things for $15. That was just the 2nd sale we stopped at. I also got a homemade toolbox for $3, some random coffee mugs and a cool pottery pot all for $.25 each, a Dwight Yoakam sheet music book and Tom Petty guitar tabs book for $.25 each, a Star Wars kite for $.50, and some random other stuff I can't think of right now.

Not much else to report right now except that I should have some more veggies soon: okra, tomatoes (if the bugs don't finish them off first), and some other stuff. The beets have been placed in the "failure to thrive" category.

There is some kind of small ruminant conference being held at Joe Wheeler Resort here in Rogersville on August the 8th; I am going to try and go to possibly meet some people and learn some stuff... I would like to try and go to a Famacha training event, but don't know when/where there might be one (i think they might only be held in the spring...) maybe next year.

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  1. I've heard that soaking your hands in milk reduces the burn. Haven't tried it, but what've you got to lose, right? Don't rub your eyes! (now that, I HAVE done. LOL)


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