Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Need Guineas!

I have harvested a little bit of okra so far, probably enough to cook up a "mess." Yesterday we went through and tried to get up the rest of the onions which were all red onions. They didn't do near as well as the vidalias, but i didn't really give either of them the attention they deserved. I think I might try to can the small ones, possibly pickle them. I picked another mess of jalapenos; these will either get pickled or just canned.

The Japanese beetles are devouring my tomatoes. I have decided to do like Christy at Whistling Wind and pick them green and let them ripen in the window; they aren't as good, but at least I will get to eat them instead of the bugs... We've been hand picking the bugs off the plants but we're fighting a losing battle; it really makes me wish I had guineas already. Maybe I should go ahead and order some. Anyone know if you still have to use a brooder if it is warm outside? I don't really know that much about poultry; I guess I better crack open my Storey's Guide to Poultry.

I opened a "store" on the site, you may have noticed the handful of adds on the sidebar. I had the associates account already set up for another site and decided to make a section with books and reference material that I own or suggest. I also added some music stuff and DVDs. For anyone who doesn't know how the amazon associate program works it is basically like this: if you click through to buy the stuff through my page it costs the same as if you just went straight to amazon and bought it. Everything is pretty much the same, but they give me between 4-15% commission based on the number of referrals I generate. So basically if you buy a $10 book through my amazon store, I only get about $.50, but it doesn't cost you anything extra and it comes straight from them. You are basically just looking through a selection of my suggestions... No biggie, just a heads up.

We're working on the goat milking stand this weekend; it should be finished tomorrow. I am using the basic measurements from the blueprints linked above, but using scrap lumber rather than steel, etc. You really should check out this collection of plans if you are getting ready to build any farm structure at all; you might find what you need... Once we finish this the gang will get a much needed hoof trimming and amateur FAMACHA inspection, yippie!

I used my first batch of compost tumbler compost this week as a side-dressing for my beans. I have a full barrel started on the tumbler again; this one is full of grass clippings, straw, and goat manure and bedding. It should be a good batch I hope. I am using the two barrel method I suggested: one to tumble and one to collect the next batch in.


  1. I think you'd still need a brooder at night, they need it around 90 degrees for the first few weeks. I moved mine outside without a brooder at 3 weeks I think. They were escaping the brooder and making a mess. They are very happy outside, but I can't get them to go to the garden. I'm still working on it.

  2. Yeah, in the short-term you'd probably need a brooder. It's very simple though... just get a cardboard box that is pretty big and put a light bulb at one end (red is best, but I've seen regular too). After a few weeks, in this heat, you might be just fine, or could just plug in a bulb at night so they can get as close to it as they need, regulating their own heat needs.

    I gave up on handpicking my squash bugs too. When them buggers hit the exponential growth phase, ha!, picking is pretty futile in my opinion. Long-term, angling for growing my own repellents (i.e., lemon balm).

    Unfortunately, I don't know nothing about Japanese beetles. Maybe I'll get them and have to learn. :)


  3. Back in May when we had that inland hurricane and it knocked power out for 8 days, I had a whole tank full of chicks. They made it okay, I didn't lose a single chick. They piled up at night and made it. The beetles are bad here too, wiped out my peaches. I'm having more trouble with those dang tomato worms than the beetles tho. Hang in there!


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