Sunday, July 05, 2009

30 Something...

So the July 3rd party went pretty good; I was way too busy to visit with anybody much. We worked hard before hand to get a bunch of odds and ends done before everybody got here. Some random painting and trim installation and now we are that much closer to having the house finished...

We did indeed get the new goat fence finished at the beginning of last week, but we haven't got the gate done yet. It is first in the to-do-queue. I also was able to clean up the back porch and the shed. Josh finished the screen and trim installation on the back of the house. Now he just lacks the south end finishing (we ran out of wood). We also need to paint/seal the front porch.

Not getting much from the garden yet, but I have to go pick a peck of peppers tomorrow (jalapenos) since they are getting fat. Since we haven't really got much squash planted the bugs are zeroing in of the tomatoes. I need to spray them I guess...

I also "celebrated" my 30th birthday this past week. I got a new pair of crocs, some sun screen, a Michael Pollan book, a t-shirt, the vintage tin sign to the left here, and some free grandma babysitting.

Not too much going on right now around here.


  1. Happy Birthday Jason, I remember 30! Don't worry, my Independence celebration wasn't typical either.

  2. Happy B-Day, Jason!

    "Never trust anyone over 30..." :)


  3. That sign is AWESOME!


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