Saturday, June 27, 2009

Weekly What's Up...

Down to one post a week... I am sure most of the farming types (and parent types) out there know what it is like right about this time of year, so don't go too hard on me. We've been busying around here this week, but primarily I've been busy watching Finn. Lindsay has had one of the busiest weeks ever in the nursery (around 20+ babies a night for 3-5 nurses). They had so many born they had to borrow beds from Helen Keller Hospital and leave mom's in their L&D rooms instead of moving them. All that with the fact that they are in the process of some nurse turnover means most of the ones that are still there are getting overtime.

In addition to that, I had to "bow up" and do some heavy work down at the ole eBay shop since I had some help for a day or two. We flipped about 6 - 9 long boxes of comics (around 2100+) between Tuesday and Thursday. We post our auctions up on Tuesday and Thursday nights between 7-8pm central time, so I am usually busy both of those afternoons trying to get stuff up before the cut off time.

Back to the Homestead. I have plenty of jalapenos growing good and a good number of tomatoes (green) growing good. We have a few more beans trellised. My corn is behind everyone else since I planted a little late due to the monsoon season...

The goats are doing well. I think tomorrow might be the day we finally get the new fencing put up. I don't think BoPeep has started her heat yet since Tolstoy is shunning her just like the rest of them. I am going to have to build another shelter for the buck pen I suppose (not that they will use it much). It seems the only time they actually go in the goat shed is when it rains like this afternoon. The little buggers all went in there but wouldn't let Bo in, and she just huddled up to the side of the shed. I went down and drug the little igloo doghouse up next to the shed where they could see it. She went in there and was quickly followed by the rest of the crew trying to run her out... Silly goats.

We have been working on finishing Finn's playhouse/swingset most anytime we have available, and now we have it finished (98%) except for sealing the wood. We also have a hard roof to install, but we have the tarp roof installed at the moment. We just finished it about 30 minutes ago. Josh finished working on the screen for the back porch, now we just have to finish painting and installing the trim overlay (which I would have finished painting if it hadn't started raining). I might be able to knock the rest of that out tomorrow in between fencing and such.

We still have plenty to do to get ready for the 3rd of July Extravaganza we have planned for Friday. Postings might be sparse this week, but I'll try to do some quick updates.


  1. aww...BoPeep needs some lovins! (erm. no comments about she'll get lovin' when she goes into heat. Heh..)

  2. Things have been crazy busy here too! I'm doing everything and something has to give soon.

  3. I don't know what it is about goat herds but there always seems to be a shed piggy in the bunch that tries to keep one or two of the most passive goats out of the shelter even though there is plenty of room. We have to do just like you did and provide an additional shelter for the few that get pushed out in the rain.


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