Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick Midnight Update...

Midnight is still hanging in there. I can tell that his poop is becoming more solid so that is a good sign. He is still eating and drinking and getting around okay. We managed to dose everybody with the wormer this evening before we went out, though catching Buttercup was a huge ordeal. She is the most jumpy of all the goats; the only way we caught her was because she made the mistake of trying to hide in the goat shed after we had tried to corral her for 30 minutes throughout the woods, etc.

After all that, and the mini-breakdown Finn had because I wouldn't let him play with my new seed spreader, we headed to eat with another family and let Finn play with their two kids afterward at their house. This is a picture from Christmas the first time Finn & Piper got to play together. Today he got to try and real trampoline and loved it! He didn't do much jumping but did do a lot of bouncy running. He and Piper just ran circles around each other having a ball. The kids played pretty well together so we'll have to do it again sometime. At dinner the kids sat next to each other and shared (fed each other) french fries and suckers; it was a hoot! Piper accidentally whacked Finn in the face with a toy bat in the back yard but everything was fine. He was more upset because he wanted the bat and ball than by the fact he got hit in the face. Kids...

I have a lot to do tomorrow to get ready for the long stint Lindsay works at the hospital in the coming week. Work 2, off 1, work 4; 12 hour nights... I won't be getting much done around here, but Finn and I should get some good time together. They are having a few nurses transfer around and it will be a little while before the new nurses get settled in so she may have to work a few days of overtime here and there.

We went by the co-op and bought some clover, so that is one more thing for me to do... I better get to sleep soon. :-D

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  1. I'm glad Midnight is doing better.

    Finn is so stinking cute!


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