Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Garden, Guthrie, Good Goat Health, and Finn

I am more than happy to report that we have no impending goat issues at the current time (other than the fact that I can't catch Buttercup to put her collar on). I can't figure out how they manage to get them off in the first place, and I am ever-so grateful that Jewel, Guthrie, & most of the time Tolstoy let me put theirs on without too much hassle. Geraldine is fairly easy to catch since she becomes very concentrated on her food and I can grab her then (but she hasn't even lost hers yet). Scraggles is a bit flighty now that she is healthy again, but when you do finally catch her she gives up and lets you do what you need to her (collar, shots, etc.). Trying to nab Buttercup is like trying to grab a deer...

Question #1: Here is a picture of Guthrie's head; Do any of you goat experts think he is polled? I am assuming he is at this point since he was born April 13th and hasn't even shown any little horns yet. He kind of has two little nubs where horns should be, but no points.

Question #2: His mother was a "lamancha" and his father was from the sale barn, What breed do you think his father was (Nubian, Boer)? I do suspect that his mother was not 100% Lamancha since he has "airplane ears"...

Enough with the goats for now! I have jalapenos growing pretty good, and one that is almost ready to pick! Tomatoes are starting now as well. I believe the hail yesterday messed up my zucchini plant, but I still have plenty from last year. The wind also laid over much of my corn; most of it has a "gangsta lean" now. I am trying to decide whether or not to go through and try and stand it all back up plant by plant. Should I?

Josh got the lawnmower deck fixed, but now there is a slight malfunction in the brakes. They stay on partially half the time. "60% of the time, they work all the time." Just like "Sex Panther."

Here are some pictures of Finn's latest trip to Nashville with Gammy and Mommy:

They went to the Opryland Hotel. PawPaw agreed to this since it was Gammy's birthday, otherwise I think he would have preferred they stay at the Radison. They nickel and dime you over at the Opryland Hotel, well, it is probably more like $25 and $50 you.

As you can tell, Finn had fun dancing with the horses and playing in the inside-outdoors. They have something I guess you would call an arboretum inside; I know this because a friend of mine got married there.

Lindsay actually had some kind of nurse training class in Nashville that morning, which was the main reason they went. They all had fun, and Finn especially liked riding on the bus transit (since he didn't have to sit in a car seat).

These last two pictures are from the other day when Finn and Gammy went to the park in Florence where they have one of those fountain things that randomly shoots water up. The last time we went there he couldn't yet walk so we had to swing him through the water, but this time he loved it.

Gammy said that he would drag her over right next to it and try to get her to get sprayed too. He is finally getting close to the point where he doesn't freak out when he gets water in his face; which as all you parents know is a big step right?

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