Friday, June 05, 2009

First Week of June '09

I have been in a grumpy mood most of the week. I haven't gotten a whole lot done, but I thought I'd shoot out a few updates just in case someone was interested. I also wanted to thank everybody that commented last week; it really made things easier. So...

Midnight is still hanging in there. His scours cleared up Monday and I decided to forgo the vet for now. He seems to be doing pretty good, but his eyes are still a little gunky and he hasn't really grown much in a while. Guthrie is catching up with him (He is getting in there and fighting for feed now, but still wants his bottles). I think I am going to suck it up and try some of the puffer stuff on Midnight's eyes since I read somewhere the antibiotics can mess up their bone growth if they are that young... Plus, I have the puffer and haven't used it yet so it will be good to find out how it works in comparison with the other stuff I have tried... I started writing this on Friday but didn't get the chance to finish it so now it is Saturday and I tried some of the puffer this morning. It says do 4 days in a row and then see if it is better, so we'll see.

Does anybody else put some corn in with their feed mix? I do sometimes and whenever I do they all fight over it. They nose through the feed eating out all the corn first and then go back and eat the feed if they want any more. It is kind of funny... I would think the sweet feed would taste better but I guess I am not a goat. Today Gerry and Rhonda (Papa & Gammy) came over and played with Finn for a while. Finn tried his hand at feeding corn to Guthrie; more corn made it into the grass than into Guthrie's mouth but both had fun.

Gerry brought some purple ornamental bushes over for our flower bed and we planted them. They were from his bed and he wanted to use the room for something else and thought they'd do better in our full sun rather than under his maple tree. He got a sackful of spinach to take back for Rhonda's salads, as well as brought some fresh peaches from Isom's Orchard over in Limestone County. I may see if Nana wants to help me make some peach preserves...

It has been raining some this past week. The corn is coming up okay down in the lower field and in the sweet corn patch. I still need to trellis the beans. I planted some winter squash and pumpkins out in between some of the sweet corn (Hubbard squash, Big Max Pumpkins, and some ornamental gourd packets). I wanted some stuff that didn't require a bunch of picking etc.

The tomatoes are doing good and the onions are as well (despite my lackadaisical weeding methods). We harvested a handful of onions last week while we were actually doing some weeding. Mainly we got the ones that we broke or accidentally pulled up... They were pretty good, but it seemed the vidalias are growing much better than the red onions so far.

I want/wanted to plant some sweet potatoes but I might be too late, and the co-op is out and not getting any more (just like last year). My dad brought me some last year, maybe I can get him to again. It does seem like I am behind in my gardening this year, but I think a lot of people are because of the rain. I had the best intentions to get going early, but we all know how that goes right...

That is the update for now. Talk to you soon!


  1. I know I'm behind. All the rain did make it hard.

  2. Hang in there Jason, I'm way behind too. We'll still get a decent harvest.

  3. I planted some tomatoes in one of those Topsy Turvy things. They are coming out okay, but eh....waste of $10.

  4. I do give my full grown goat a bit of corn. She likes it better than those overpriced goat treats. She kept breaking into the chicken house to get at their feed (which has corn in it). Now I mix a bit in with her feed, or give her a little handful as a treat.

  5. We got a late start on some of our garden too because of all the rain. I only hope it was not too late to plant the luffas and watermelon. We will see. We really had to plant it in stages whenever it would dry up enough to be worked inbetween rain showers. Sorry to hear one of the goats is not feeling well. Corn is kind of like candy to goats, they love it and it is OK in moderation as a treat.

  6. You should probably go easy on the corn. From all I read, it can be dangerous if they get too much. And if given a chance, they will get too much! It can even kill them. They don't really need it, and it doesn't do well in the rumen. It can turn too quickly to alcohol as it ferments. I'd try oats if you want them to have a treat.


  7. i only give them a little corn, but i have been mixing in some All Grain with their feed. They seem to like it okay. My tomatoes are doing pretty well. I just mainly have a mish-mash of different types since something went haywire in my seed starting set up and i lost the labels...

    Karen, how is Midnight's brother? Growing any?

    My mom keeps trying to get me to try the upside down tomato things but i am skeptical.

    I'm feeling better about the garden after i went out there today. Stuff is doing pretty good. Do you guys use organic pesticides or dust or spray, etc? I am trying some garden safe stuff I got at tractor supply. Last year the bugs got ahead of me and I never caught up...

  8. Yes, I will help you make peach preserves. It seems to me that it might be better that you waited about the potatoes. Wouldn't all the rain have rotted them?

  9. Yes,
    I will help you make preserves. Seems to me that maybe it was better that you waited about the potatoes. Wouldn't the rain have rotted them?


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