Sunday, May 10, 2009

A New Livestock Guardian SlumDog Millionaire

Well we went and picked up the new Livestock Guardian Dog yesterday. She is a 16 month old Great Pyrenees who goes by the name of Chesney (We are assuming after Kenny since we didn't name her).

She gets along with the goats well, and is very sweet and seems to be protective of them. She doesn't get along with Daisy right yet, but we'll have to have a sit down session with them and make them play, etc. They tend to growl at each other some, but she hasn't out right attacked her or anything. She has found her a spot back in the corner of the woods in the back edge of the pen where it seems she prefers to stay so far. Last night she circled the pen barking as if to let everyone know there was a new guard dog in town and to not mess with her or the goats.

We brushed her out some yesterday and it seemed as if a poodle had exploded in the goat pen. I think she is shedding for summer to a degree, but the people we got her from said she didn't like being penned by herself for the week while they were trying to find her a home and said she started pulling some of her hair out.

On an unrelated note, I watched Slumdog Millionaire last night. I liked it and enjoyed the style of storytelling, but I did think it had too much of a "Hollywood Ending" for a best picture winner. But I don't really know what it was up against so it could have been the best picture of the year... I majored in Radio-TV-Film in college and fancied myself somewhat of a film buff. I did like it when Jamal, as a little boy, jumped into the pile of excrement to get his hero's autograph.

I also watched the first installment of the John Adams mini-series from HBO this weekend and liked it okay eventhough it was a little slow. I guess I am used to 'slow' since I just finished watching all 3 seasons of HBO's Deadwood on DVD over the last month or so. It is fairly slow, but very addictive. Also, children should not be allowed in the room while it is on. It has more profanity in it than any other show/movie that I can remember.

That is all for now. Happy Mother's Day! We had our moms over for lunch and had pizza and ice cream. Too bad it was raining again...

I would also like to congratulate our friend Samantha (Whitehead) Hartsell who just received her Masters Degree in Civil Engineering yesterday from Auburn University where the commencement speech was given by none other than Auburn great Bo Jackson!


  1. I hope the new dog works out. We've been considering getting a LGD.

  2. Thank you so much for giving Chesney a new home where I know she will be very happy!

    Chesney is after Kenny, of course - he is one of my fave's...

    War Eagle!

  3. War Eagle! I was excited when we pulled up at your dad's house and there was an Auburn flag flying! Totally unexpected. She has been pretty happy so far, and gets along with the goats pretty good. I do have to figure out how to feed them both at the same time so that they don't try to eat each others food, etc.

    thanks again!


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