Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekly Happenings

I haven't done too much this week (outside of Monday and Tuesday). I have worked at my part-time job some and done a little around the place. I worked one afternoon trying to get my drip irrigation system working but just ended up frustrated and muddy with a few broken tomato plants and a lot of mosquito bites.

Today my dad came over and visited for a while with Finn and me. We also worked a little on the screening of the back porch. We were able to get about 1/3 of it done before Lindsay had to go to work and JD had to head home. We also went to the local hardware store where I picked up some outside paint and some random hose fittings and whatnot to try and fix up my irrigation system (I also got another 50' soaker hose). He also brought me two pecan saplings that he had volunteer in his garden. I need to get those in the ground somewhere that Guthrie won't see them.

The next thing I need to do is get the remaining transplants into the garden before they die. I need to get some bean supports ready for all the beans I planted. I held some beans back to plant Indian style with my sweet corn. The gourds are sprouting up good. I also need to make a couple of scarecrows for the lower field and the upper garden before the corn starts sprouting. I don't want all that work to go to waste... Uncle Steve reminded me that I need to plant some sweet potatoes. I can't forget that; they are a family favorite. I also have to plant some watermelons, but not the orange/yellow kind since Gerry ragged me last year about how they weren't any good. I swear I planted some red ones but all the ones we cut open were orange...

I may buy some roma transplants since my romas didn't really "thrive" in the garage. I may try some regular potatoes this year too. I guess I need to get on that huh? I also need to get the shelves built in my utility room and in my 2nd pantry. So much on the list...

Goats are doing okay as a whole. Seems that Jewel is getting better by the day and we've had no other major cases. Midnight seems to be wormy so I need to treat them all I guess. Any recommendations on wormer? I tried some of the pellet wormer. The drench kind or the block kind, which is better?

Oh yeah, and my gutters are kind of screwed up causing water to run behind them down the fascia board so that is something else I need to fix... And the rain barrels... And sealing the front porch... And painting the lattice trim that goes over the screen on the outside... And building the second goat pen for the bucks... And soo much more... But you all know how that goes and I am sure you also wonder if you'll ever make it to the end of your to-do list... I don't know about everyone else but when I get to scratch one thing off I have to put 2 things on it.


  1. On worming goats: I have found over the years that the best way to worm them is with the liquid and through a syringe if they are tame enough... if is a little extra hard work, but you don't have to worry about one getting too much and getting sick or one getting too little and getting sick. You can evaluate one-by-one and be sure to give the correct amount versus their weight. I have always used Safeguard Goat Wormer and you can get it at Tractor Supply for around $17. And, my vet says that it is best to worm goat 6 times a year... he graduated from Auburn, therefore I trust him with my life!

  2. I don't bother making to-do lists. It's depressing.
    Good luck with your pecan trees! We have two on our property that didn't produce this year. When they do produce it's a wonderful thing.

  3. Anonymous12:47 PM CDT

    If you need technical support or a resource for more parts, Dripworks is a great source for your drip irrigation supplies.

  4. We use the pellet wormer ourselves, its done pretty well for us at any rate. Glad to hear Jewel is getting better, and hope you find the perfect wormer for Midnight. It may be that goat just doesn't take to the pellets, but will liquid.

    Posted a homemade tool today on our blog that may be of interest to you. Helped us get thru 2 acres of feed corn planting.

  5. The one thing that I learned quickly about goat care is that we all do things differently, whatever works best for you. I often think it depends upon the area that you live in. I could give you advice, and it might not work for AL, or vice versa. I used to worm on a regular basis, and now I worm when needed, and after the does have given birth (and then a follow up in 10 days). I always use the liquid wormer, using a syringe. I do not have success with Safeguard, but if I do use it, I go 3-4 times the bottle dosage. That is how I do it, but as I said, we all have different locations, situations and weather.

    The year I had roma's in the garden was the year I froze and canned a ton of tomatoes. And boy did they make for great sauces!

    I need to get out and visit my friend's blogs more often!

  6. It sounds like you have been busy and your to-do list is long.

    I also have LaMancha goats. Do you and your family drink the milk from them?

    Thank you so much for becoming a follower of my blog!


  7. I tried the pellet wormer this time. I will probably follow it up with some liquid kind in a few weeks. Our goats are fairly tame, but they don't like taking the liquids. I can't get them to take a drench without a fight. I thought they were supposed to like it... I think most vets within 3 or 4 states went to auburn. That I like. :)

    Belle, We are planning on using the milk for drinking and cheese and whatnot. I haven't got any in milk right now, so I guess it will be next winter before we get any...

    Mary, I want to can a lot of sauce and salsa, but like I said, I may have to get another crop of romas since my garage romas have all but died... I plan on canning a lot of peppers hopefully... good to hear from you again :)


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