Thursday, May 28, 2009

This Week

I planted some more stuff this afternoon. I finally got most of the stuff from the garage grow section put into the ground. I concentrated the remaining plants in the best places under the lights and watered them well to try and get them a little bigger before I transplant them. We worked to mulch the tomatoes and peppers that are in the garden so far. We used some newspaper as a weed barrier and covered it with straw/hay. I almost have the soaker hose system fixed up (should finish it tomorrow).

Yesterday I traveled with the guys I work with to pick up a shipment of merchandise for their shop (They sell comic books on eBay). We had to load and unload about 70,000 comic books and ride the 12+ hours round trip to Athens, GA. The 300 count boxes weigh around 45 pounds each and we had around 285 of them to tote around. My hands and back are sore needless to say. I was gone from 9 am til 2 am so it is also fair to say that I didn't get much done around the farm.

This evening Josh took the tractor for a spin down to a lower field to do a little bush-hogging before dark. He wasn't going 5 minutes before I heard him yelling panicked from about 250 yards away. I ran for the door when Nana burst through and said he needed the fire extinguisher because the tractor was on fire! He hauled it back down to the tractor but thankfully it had went out on its own. Turned out that a bird had gotten under the hood and made a nest right on top of the manifold. It took a couple of passes before it heated up and burst into flames. There was a charred mound that could have been either a baby bird or some cooked eggs... It didn't do any permanent damage thankfully.

I had to get some more kid replacer from the co-op this morning and the lady missed Finn; it's cute that she recognizes him and us now. She gives him crackers sometimes and always tells us about her granddaughter that is near Finn's age.

The pink eye is clearing up. Scraggles and Jewel's eyes are looking better and are just a little cloudy now. Midnight still looks a little rough and seems to be the main goat afflicted with ailments at the moment. I think the wormer worked, but he has a case of the sore-mouth that Tolstoy started up. The other day when Glowbug got caught in the fence during the rain I think it made her sick because she has been really weak and not eating well. Hoping she pulls out of it soon. I don't think we are going to use Midnight as a sire. His testicles are uniformly sized (which the goat manuals recommend as a requirement for good breeding stock). One is way bigger than the other and his immunity doesn't seem to be that high either.

I'll let you know more as I observe it. ;-)


  1. Sounds like the birds are trying to sabotage you all. :-)

    Funny story.

  2. I like your new look!

  3. If it is not one thing it's another. Glad to hear your making way on planting.
    Thank god the fire was not to bad in the tractor.

  4. lopsided goat. poor thing....I bet he has a complex.

  5. Glad to hear your tractor came out of things okay Jason, and that the goats eyes are getting better.

    God bless,



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