Monday, May 18, 2009

Seeder Review and Suggestions?

I ended up planting the entire corn field earlier today (with a few rows of randomly placed giant sunflowers). This evening I planted some more beets in the garden as well as a bunch of Kentucky wonder beans and calypso beans. I have some more room in the garden and some more things to plant tomorrow.

So far the seeder is working okay. I do have to recommend that the finer the soil the better it works, obviously. If you happen to have any grass clumps or whatnot in the way of your row you should just skip over it unless you have the will/time to get in there and dig it out. If you aren't careful you can throw your belt off with a good jamming of a grass clod. It is fairly easy to fix though. One of my few complaints about the machine (other than it is a little short for me) is that the arms that extend to the handles are not as strong as I'd like them to be. I did half the field and then let Josh do one row and he managed to bend them. Now I can't get them straight and they have a tendency to give a little too much for my liking. I did rig a brace in between them with some scrap lumber, but stronger handles would have been better. I am glad I bought it and would recommend it to a friend...

I am debating what/how to change my yard into something more productive. Not the entire yard, but some good sized chunks of it. I'd like to put in some grapes and berries, but I don't think it is the right time of year for that and might have to wait until next year. I have put in some fruit trees, but it might be a while before they produce much. I do think that I'll put in some more fencing to make some more pasture for animals but I would really rather get my current animals healthy right now. Any suggestions on what I should do with the extra space?

Pink-eye update: Jewel is looking a good deal better and seems to be more lively. Scraggles is more lively but her eye is still kind of bad looking; I think she may have permanent damage... It really seems like so much longer than a month that we've had the goats...


  1. Heyas Jason, we have the exact same seeder and love it for larger size seeds. The smaller seeds don't seem to work as well with it. You can take a 3/4" piece of pine and block it in between the arms for better strength.

  2. The beet seeds seemed to do okay but might have gotten planted a little thick... but yeah, I like it too, and I did put a 2x4 in between the handles...

  3. Waiting for fruit trees to produce = suckage. We planted an avocado tree at our old house in FL. The year we moved was the year it decided to give. *curse words here*

  4. I just love our seeder too! Its like yours. Hubby got it off craigs list for $10 and its like new.

  5. man that is a deal 10 bucks?! mine cost 85 or so... lucky. :) and as far as waiting on the trees to produce, yeah it kind of sucks, but i don't plan on ever moving again unless the bank takes our house away for some reason. I feel a lot better when working on stuff around here because I know it is permanent... well that is the plan anyway ;-)

    Thanks for the comments!


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