Friday, May 08, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

I didn't get too much done today. It was a fairly nice day, but I guess I was still in "rain" mode (40% tomorrow, 80% Saturday, 30% Sunday). I did go and buy some 55 gallon barrels from a guy off craigslist. They are pretty nice and have been re-purposed, and have locking lids and some other features... I might use a few for rain barrels, but I am going to use one or two for putting feed in. He said he gets them in fairly often so I can probably get more if I so desire, and I just might. It is hard to beat that $15 dollar a piece price tag.

Goats are hanging in there. Daisy is a mess though. She is a true puppy and gets into everything and worries everyone to death (especially Guthrie). I wonder if she had a teacher around, like an older LGD, if she would do better. Probably not, but I am probably going to try. I found a free LGD that a woman has at her farm where she is scaling down. Hopefully she'll fit in; we are going to meet her Saturday morning.

We got a weed eater that is compatible with some of our attachments that we already had on hand from the last one that Josh got perturbed at. The new one is a Husqvarna and should be a higher quality than the Ryobi one(s) we had previously. They can make a drill and some battery tools, but don't trust their weed eaters... This rain is making our lawn look like the Amazon.

I had to do some bill related stuff today, but maybe I'll have more farm time in the next few days if it isn't raining too much...

I did manage to plant about 18 jalapeno pepper plants the other day into the big garden. Word of advice: don't let your free-range goat follow behind you into the garden where you are about to be planting tender seedlings... Guthrie the "Garden Helper" = Headache/Frustration.

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  1. Don't feel alone, we have been getting a literal deluge of rain here in KY as well. Hopefully it lets up some tomorrow as we are supposed to pick the kids new ponies up.


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