Sunday, May 17, 2009

Productivity Is High

Well today started slow but came on strong. We are near record lows right now, but once we made it to midday the day was beautiful and chilly.

It sprinkled a little as Josh and I had breakfast and tried to do the Sunday crossword. After that we started doing some work around the house. I walked out on the porch where Josh was doing porch clean-up and asked him what were we going to do today. His response was straight from the mouth of the security guard from the MTV show Rob & Big:
We both find the show captivating for some unknown reason and find ourselves using this catchphrase too much... So I started "doing work" on the mowing that was rained out yesterday. I did that until I got tired of it and Josh got tired of whatever he was doing and I let him finish up (we have a lot of yard, too much). I then went to straighten up the garden shed which has been pretty disheveled. I put up a bunch of nails and screws for hanging tools and buckets and such. I also installed a couple of shelves to get stuff more orderly. I need to get my irrigation stuff (bought on clearance last winter) organized and ready to go. While working on arranging things Josh finished the mowing and went to work on the tractor again. About 5 minutes later I hear a rumble and the tractor is humming.

It was exciting I have to say. I ran out of the shed and motioned my arms up in a "what did you do that worked?" kind of motion. He gave me the "I have no freakin' clue" motion. We didn't look the gift tractor fairy in the mouth though. He took to using the disc on the remaining garden area to get it ready for me to plant seeds in. He then took it down to the lower field to get it back in shape for planting corn and sunflowers.

I got the Earthway Precision Garden Seeder out and a bunch of seeds. I labored a little while making another raised row for the next installment of tomatoes and peppers that are waiting in the garage. Let me tell you, that is work my friend. After I finished that I started on laying out some rows for the sweet corn and beets in the adjacent garden. I used the riding mower to mark rows and smooth the dirt that was mounded in places; it worked pretty well on the loose dirt and packed the earth between the narrow rows. I seeded a bunch of beets, heirloom corn, and clemson okra. This picture to the left is from the side of the front porch looking back at the garden and a few fruit trees. I still have a bunch of beets, beans, and some other stuff to plant in the remaining part of the back garden. The forcast says that it shouldn't rain all week (maybe they'll get it right this time).

I took my rowing and seeding setup down to the lower field and started laying out rows on the half of the field that we have worked more. Josh continued plowing the other half of it while I worked. I layed out some rows and broke out the seeds (field corn (trucker's favorite) and heirloom sunflowers) and went to town. I worked until I had planted 4 lbs of field corn (all that I had brought down with me) which did about 3/4 of the half of the field that I was working on. The sunflower seeds were a little too big for the corn seed plate but I threw a few in the hopper anyway to see if they would lay in random places in the rows. The above picture is one I took from the front porch after I finished planting for the day. The strip of dirt closest to the house is the one I have been working on.

I trekked up to the house, took a couple of pictures from the front porch, and came in to say hey to my boy (he had been at Gammy's all weekend because Lindsay had a stomach bug and we wanted to make sure he didn't get it if at all possible). I fed Guthrie, Daisy, Chesney, and watered the goats. I locked up the shed, wrestled with Finn because he wanted to strow grape popsicle everywhere, and did a load of dishes. I cooked us up a dinner of Spicy Salmon Soup topped with pepper-jack cheese; I got the recipe from the inner label of the salmon can and it turned out pretty good. Now I've had a shower and am about to read some Louise Erdrich and pass out.

I actually feel like I was productive today. Few and far between with all the record rainfall we've had this month. I hope the whole week is as good as today!

Update 5/18 3:00pm : I have been working on more seeding and rowing the corn field and tried one of the other plates for the large heirloom sunflower seeds. I taped over some of the holes leaving only four and used the "large pea" plate that had the biggest holes. It worked much better and did a pretty good job. I laid down about 450 seeds pretty dang quick. I am now working on the rest of the corn and getting my van running again. I had to come in and check something online... Distractions distractions...


  1. corn and okra - yay! beets - boo. I dunno why I hate beets, but hate is a pretty acurate word.

    haha...Rob & Big. As much as I fight it, I end up getting sucked into it....

  2. I don't really like beets either. I am growing them for the goats mainly... It is easy to get sucked into... :)


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