Sunday, May 03, 2009

Precision Garden Seeding In Queue

I bought one of these today to use planting my corn, sunflowers, beets, and possibly a few other things. It is an Earthway 1001-B Precision Garden Seeder and I hope it works out good for us. Josh and I put it together, but due to the rain I haven't had the chance to try it out yet... The rain also washed away a few tomato plants I stuck in Lindsay's garden.

We're still treating Jewel's pinkeye, and it hasn't been as severe as Scraggles as of yet. I don't think it will be (knock on wood) so maybe it will get better soon. You can tell she doesn't feel good though, she hasn't been browsing with the rest of the goats. It could be the rain though. It seems that the only two goats to be affected by the pinkeye so far are the fawn colored Lamanchas which I find strange.

I am debating whether or not to put Guthrie the baby goat with the rest of the herd, and possibly dose him with some antibiotics preventatively. He is still being bottle fed but is miserable in his cage and lonely. The books I have say to keep them away from the rest of the goats til they get bigger because they don't have the immunity from the mother's milk. I just wonder which is worse for him the stress and loneliness or the chance that he might catch ill. If you have any suggestions I'd be appreciative since this is our first "bottle baby" and all I know is what I read in the books.


  1. Do you have another baby or young goat you could put with him? How old is he? Has he had any vaccines yet? I'd be worried about the stress of being alone. It is probably worse than letting him be exposed to the other goats.

  2. Christy, thanks for following our blog! I have a few younger goats, but don't think I could keep one of them apart from the herd for long before they found their way back. I haven't vaccinated him yet, he is about 3 weeks old, should I do it now? and for what, the CD and T? I decided he was so worked up this morning that I'd try putting him with the other goats, but he wouldn't stay in the house with them. He just stood at the gate in the rain bleating for me to come back, so I had to shut him into the goat shed with a few of them. He seemed to do okay; we brought him back in for the night, but will probably take him back out tomorrow.

  3. Can you not try confining Daisey some during the day and letting Guthrie out in the yard, to follow you and Finn around. Remember "Billy" the baby goat we had that would follow Liz around and suck on her thumb? Guthrie needs play time to build muscle as well as won't matter if the company is you and Finn or the other goats.

  4. Hey Dude. My step dad is an expert on goats, cows, etc. At least he thinks he is, but in all seriousness he really is smart when it comes to those things. He lives in bethel and I am sure he would be happy to talk to you anytime and help you out. Just let me know if you want his phone number. Maybe you could swing by sometime and talk with him. Have a great week.

  5. You can purchase powdered colostrum from most goat supply companies to add to his bottle. That should help some with the immunity problem.

  6. Btw, this is Karen, not Stephen, Mobley. You got Jewel and Midnight from us. Somehow the blogger picked up my son's ID.

  7. Hey Karen! I did give him some of the powdered colostrum to start him off, so maybe he has some immunity. Do you just mix a little in with the kid replacer or something to help boost them? thanks for stopping by!

  8. Hi Jason, I actually got one of these exact models for Jaime from the local amish store and she loves it. It doesn't do well for smaller size seeds, but the larger ones such as corn, peas, etc. it does a wonderful job for us. Very nice blog you have here and I added a link to you, hope it helps you some.

    God bless.



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