Monday, May 11, 2009

Garden Notes

Once again it was overcast most of the day and seemed if it might rain at any minute. I had a hard time getting going today, but did manage to get a little bit done.

I have been transplanting some of my tomato seedlings into the garden in the evenings when I have the chance. So far I now have the following planted in the "big" garden: 18 jalapeno transplants (about half a row), 2/3 of a row of various tomato transplants, two rows of onions (red and yellow), a half row of birdhouse gourds, and 3 gourd transplants (well they are either birdhouse gourds or zucchini, I can't remember). All the tomatoes have come from seeds that I started in the garage. I potted-up a bunch of seedlings into 18 ounce plastic drinking cups to give them more room and it seems to have worked out pretty good for the most part. Most of them have thrived, but a few withered. I poked some holes in the bottom rim of the cups and placed them in a paint tray cover filled with water and/or root stimulator. I am saving the cups to reuse next year, but I do have to pot-up some of the Roma tomatoes now that I have room for them in the water trays.

I think I will build another grow-light before next year so that I can start double the stuff, and one of those heating mats might be worth the investment since my peppers didn't really grow much at all in the garage. The only ones that did were the Bullnose bell peppers which have done pretty well to this point. I think they may need to get a little bigger before I move them out to the garden though. This picture is right after I put the stuff under the lights; it is not nearly this neat right now...

Another thing I am going to do different next time around is to place only 1 seed per place in the starting tray instead of 2 or 3 to make sure they come up. It seems like I might could cut down on some of my potting-up if the seedlings had enough space to start with. If for some reason one pod doesn't come up I will just plant another seed instead of wasting so many like I did this year. It really is a pain to try to pull apart the tender roots of all those tomato seedlings.

The forecast is rain everyday for the next week. I don't know when I am going to be able to plant my field of corn and sunflowers and all the beets that I have decided to plant for the goats. Speaking of which, pink-eye update:
1) Jewel is looking a little better.
2) Scraggles eye still looks bad but not really pink-eyeish so much as just cruddy and healing.
3) Midnight has had some problems with it but you aren't suppose to use LA200 on goats his age as it stunts bone growth so we are letting him ride it out right now since it isn't too bad.
4) Glowbug might have a mild case of it, but I can't tell yet. Fingers crossed. It does seem like the severity has gone down with each transmission...

I am expecting an Amazon order: Encyclopedia of Country Living, Gardening With Guineas, and Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs. My homesteading library shelf may have to expand onto a second one. It would definitely already be expanded if some of the taller books would fit on the shelf instead of having to go on the "big books" shelf.


  1. Beets are good for goats? I planted sunflowers and hulless oats for the goats. I'd like to plant a few more things for them this week.

  2. Hi Jason, Can I ask why you use flourescent lights for the grow lights? I had planned on using UV lights as I read they emulate natural sunlight more.


  3. Christy, I believe I read that goats like them and I know they like beet pulp which is a good hay substitute for most livestock if you want to mix it in with sweet feed or you can saturate it first. You can get a 50lb bag at the co-op for around $15. I also read an article about planting a garden specifically for you goats that you let them go in and eat out of when it grows some. People plant pumpkins in them for one thing.

    In the Self Sufficient Homestead book by Seymour he recommends planting stuff and taking the livestock to the feed rather than the feed to the livestock.

    William, I made them with what I had on hand at the time. I thought I read somewhere that they were okay to use, but couldn't find it when I went to look it up. I did get the fluorescents that are supposed to emulate natural lite to a degree. The tomatoes have done pretty well under them and some peppers have done okay. I may try the UV lights on my next set to compare the difference.

    Thanks for the questions and comments. Keep um up!

  4. William, As a matter of fact I walked by the door from the utility to the garage after I had first put in the light setup and freaked out because I thought the garage door was open. I went to the window and looked in quick and remembered the lighting. They tricked me into thinking it was real light. ;)


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