Friday, May 01, 2009

Around the Homestead ;-)

A quick update about things around here...

I have been working on the garden prep off and on in the afternoons when I have time. I need to get some stuff in the ground out there. I planted some tomatoes in Lindsay's garden this morning, so maybe they'll make it.

I made a temporary pen for Guthrie next to the back porch behind the wall of the garage so that he can spend some time outside and not as cooped up. He likes it okay, but would probably like it more with a buddy in there. I tried to put Daisy in there with him, but I think she has a little too much shepherd in her right now. She worries him to death chasing him, but other than that I think they like each other. I also moved his crate to the garage for overnighting him inside (the utility room was just smelling too goaty).

Other goat news: we've begun dosing all the goats with the LA200 since Jewel seems to have developed it as well. We are also using the ointment on her this time after the treatment we used on Scraggles didn't work that well (it seems that oxytetracycline and penicillin don't work well together, the pen is negated...). We let Scraggles out after Jewel had it for sure, and mucked out the houses and shed and refilled them with fresh straw. The rest of the goats had already been around her and had no problems, but we are dosing everybody anyway.

Lindsay thinks we got some gimpy goats, but I told her that it was the one bad goat that ruined the bunch. Also, at least we are getting all this experience out of the way in the beginning.

I have a part-time job working with some friends of mine with their online business. I can do a lot of it from home and work whatever hours I need to since it is commission based. It should add a little bit of extra money into the budget I suppose.

Tomorrow I hope to go buy some 55 gallon barrels from a guy near by to use as possible rain barrels and feed storage, and maybe a composter. Sometimes Craigslist is okay right...


  1. Congrats on the new goats! Goats stress very easily and a move to a new home is stressful. If one of them is going to get sick in some way it will usually be during times of stress. Don't give up on them yet, pink eye is very contagious and spreads through the herd quickly but it is usually not hard to clear up. The new goats are very pretty. I think Lamanchas are very cute with those itty bitty ears!

  2. thanks! we are dosing anybody that shows the slightest symptom now, and the second case we've had is a lot milder than the first. maybe it won't go much further.


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