Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some Goat Pictures and Such

Jewel, GlowBug, and Geraldine wait "patiently" for some feed. Normally Jewel is climbing the fence trying to get as close as she can to the bucket or whatever I brought it in. Thankfully Glowbug does that much less, and has gotten much better at getting her head unstuck from the fence. Geraldine is the most skittish of all the goats.

Jewel wanted a closeup. She is somewhat needy, but in a good way. She seems to be enjoying her new home and gets along with the other goats pretty good.

I gave them a treat of some corn that I picked up at Tractor Supply Saturday; it happened to be the main treat the previous owner gave them. I also picked them up some sweet feed and some medicated feed that I believe is called DQ or something like that. I am supposed to be getting a piece of gutter from one of the properties my mother manages that they have replaced. I saw a plan in Successful Farming Mag. for a feeder made out of an old gutter that I am going to try (I'll let you know how it works).

Daisy snuck through the line and decided she wanted a serving of sweet feed. She is as bad as Wicket; she'll eat anything. That is her on the left if you couldn't tell; she's wedged in there next to Buttercup and Tolstoy. Glowbug still has issues with her, as evidenced by the standoff around the Bucky Block in the picture below.

I think she held off butting her there, but Daisy usually gets about one per day. I hope she'll get big soon so that she can't slither through the fence and will have to stay with the goats. She is too rough for Finn and too loving. I made the mistake of setting him down in the yard today to play with her and she "loved on him" fast and hard. Before I could snatch him up he had a big scratch on his face, neck and back.

I'll try to get some shots of Guthrie running around outside tomorrow. He seems to prefer to stay on or around the back steps instead of running around in the yard.

Josh and our friend Roger Davis installed a couple of horse shoe pits for pitching. We've been meaning to do this for a while so I went and looked up the regulations to try and get the distance and rules right. We only played one game yesterday, but at least we now have them up for when we have a family get together.

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