Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jewel and Midnight

Well we have Scraggles quarantined and have given her some LA 200 (antibiotic) for what we think is pink eye. Hopefully she'll get better soon. The rest of the goats show no signs of it at all so maybe it is the noninfectious kind, or possibly brought on by the stress of moving and kidding.

I got an email Thursday asking if I'd like to buy a couple of nice looking Lamanchas from a lady in a nearby town. The doe had been bottle fed and is now about 11 mos. old, and the other is a 4.5 mo. old buckling. I think she just needed to cut down on feed costs etc. and wanted a good home for them. I got them both for a total of $65. She was going to throw in a month old wether for free, which I would have taken except that it was being bottle fed. The picture to the left here is of the little buckling; he should grow to be fairly large she says, but right now he and Geraldine and battling for the title of smallest pasture goat. His face is colored in the same pattern as Glowbug's, but just with different colors (he is black and tan, she is brown and white). He (the name given to him by the lady's little girls is Midnight) should be a good one to breed with all the Lamancha does, and I suppose we'll breed Tolstoy to the boki (boer x kiko) does.

The doe, Jewel, is the prettiest and sweetest goat we have now. She is vying for dominance with Glowbug, and outweighs her by a little bit. Her sister was the smaller doe that I missed out on a few weeks back. Their mother is supposedly a real good milker, and Jewel has nice sized teets already and she hasn't freshened yet. I guess she won't come into heat until the fall. She should do some more growing between now and then and hopefully be a good dam. She and Midnight were relegated to the igloo doghouse that we just added to the pasture since Scraggles is taking up the shed and the other four goats all pile in the other doghouse. I will have to get something else for them since the babies are still growing and won't all fit in the doghouse together forever.

Since Josh added another panel of fencing to the north side of the pasture we have had no more goat escapes. Our next goat projects are making a manger/feeder and a better watering system, not to mention finishing the two gates off.

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday. The funny thing is, I was just wondering how your family and farm was coming along! You have goats. :) Geraldine is a beauty. I hope to get to hear more about her.

    If you have any more goat related questions, or questions related to my farm, I'll answer them again in another post this week. I can always talk goat!


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