Thursday, April 16, 2009

Goats: Day 3.5

Well... Everything was going okay today. I walked out and gave them some goat feed this morning. They were appreciative. I kept an eye on them from the kitchen window off and on during the morning. After Finn laid down for his nap I was headed out to pick up some groceries and potting soil. The groceries were supposed to be mainly for the baby goat's new formula mixture and some puppy pads to go in his crate.

I couldn't see the herd so decided to walk out and make sure they were in their shed or the dog house. Nope. Well that figured I thought. No sight of them anywhere. I went in the pen and surveyed the wooded areas in the back to make sure they weren't bedded down in the brush. I couldn't see them anywhere. I grumpily walked out and around the house figuring they were halfway to Tennessee by then. Thankfully no; remember the barbed wire fence I said we'd have to fix when they ate the brush down? Well they apparently didn't let the brush bother them.

They ventured into our neighboring pasture, where some people down the road raise cows, and commenced to play and munch on the round bales of hay stored there for the cattle. I went and got some food from the shed and managed to coax Tolstoy under the fence to get some and caught him. I carried him bleating back to the pen and put him in the shed to his dismay. I couldn't get any of the rest of the gang to come back through the fence so I just lured them down the fence line until they were close to the pen. I went in and rattled the feed jug for about 5 minutes while Tolstoy bleated his little heart out. They just trotted back through the fence like it wasn't even there.

I managed to snag Scraggly and get her in the shed (which I intended to do anyway as a preventative quarantine just in case she does in fact have pink eye). I finally managed to snag Glow/HellBug (who is actually somewhat nice to people just not animals) and I got her in the shed too and pulled Tolstoy out. So I penned up both the older goats; I think Glowbug has become the Queen and leads them around. I figure with them locked up the kids will stay close and they have. I gave everybody some feed I mixed up of beet pulp, goat feed, and some vitamin dewormer which they all seemed to like.

We didn't get the chance to fix the pen this evening, maybe we will tomorrow. Until we do, I guess I'll have to keep Glowbug locked up to keep them from taking another jaunt into the neighboring pasture. I am also keeping Guthrie (the baby bottle billy) quarantined in the house since he needs special considerations. We did give him a trip outside this evening though when I figured it was somewhat warm enough for him not to catch chill. He follows you around like Daisy, right at your heels in an awkward little hoppity gallop. Sometimes he gets to running too fast for his front legs and just tumbles head first. Daisy isn't allowed to play with him anymore for now though since she thinks he is her chewtoy and tackles him whenever he runs.

I still have to pot up my seedlings that need it. I also have to plant some peppers that Nana brought along with the last three apple trees. I might do that during the nap tomorrow. This picture is Geraldine (supposed to be 1/2 boer 1/2 kiko).

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