Friday, April 24, 2009

Goat News and Such

Well Nana informed me that she needed more updates on our everyday life, so I guess I need to at least update every other day or something to keep her happy. ;-)

She also let me know that I failed to mention that she took off work on Kidding Day '09 and came to help. She brought the KY, Iodine, and rubber gloves (the pharmacist must have looked at her funny). She also made sure that someone got the camera for us to take a picture. So here is one of them:

My current theory on his (baby goat Guthrie) breed of origin is that his mother was only half Lamancha, and his sale barn father was a nubian (but Josh still thinks his daddy was a Boer). While I am speaking of his mother (Scraggles), I will tell you that her eye looks frightful. Josh has tried to clean it and we've been giving her the LA200. I think I might try getting a patch thingy that a friend of mine who raises cattle told me about so that I might can let her out of confinement. I thought for a little while that Jewel might have contracted the pinkeye because she had some crusty in the corner of her eye, but apparently it was just a crusty because it was gone today.

I'm gonna take some more pictures tomorrow, so maybe they will be accommodating. Jewel is like a dog; she comes running when you go to the gate and will jump up on you if she thinks you'll give her food. It seems that she is the leader now. After a brief bit of head butting and a few days of fighting over food and housing, she won out over Glowbug. I'm very pleased with her. She leads the rest of the herd around and I think her ease around people is helping acclimate some of the more skittish of the bunch. Midnight is pretty good too, and he mainly follows her around. He wasn't a bottle baby so he isn't quite as eager to come running, but he does let you pet him and will eat out of your hand, etc.

Daisy is having issues with the fact that she has to stay outside. After I cleaned up a puddle of pee every hour for two days I just had to go ahead and put her out. She also likes to play a little rough with Finn, which wouldn't be a problem if her teeth and toenails weren't so darn sharp. We let Merlin out of the garage today even though we were a little afraid that he might try to take down Guthrie (who was out playing) like a lion on the savanna. We were wrong about the target of his wrath. Daisy sniffed him out of curiosity as I was walking out into the yard; the next thing I heard was a hiss and a whole bunch of yelping followed by Daisy tearing a path out of there. I didn't really see what happened, but the result was Daisy slightly bleeding from her mouth and very, very weary of the cat that was roaming around on the back porch. Merlin is a bit vicious and large for a cat. He was over 20 lbs at one point, but he's trimmed up some since he had been staying outside killing everything within a mile radius.

I fell off the tractor this afternoon, but at least it wasn't moving. I was climbing down and my boot slipped but I had a hold on the steering wheel and got a good shot in the armpit from the back of the seat as I landed on the ground. I thought I was going to bust my head on the disc, but I got lucky. I guess that is what I get for wearing Josh's hand-me-down boots that have no tread left on the bottom of them.

I think I am about a week behind, but I'm about to start putting the corn and sunflowers in the ground in the next few days I have off from watching Finn (other than tomorrow, which is devoted to watching the NFL Draft, something I do every year). I need to go ahead and get the rest of the garden going as well, so those are my next two biggest projects.

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