Sunday, March 22, 2009

Trees and Whatnot

I've had a few days of semi-productive work recently. I managed to finish the well-house roof on Saturday. I had to re-pot my orange tree. It was in the spare bedroom resting in front of the south window when I discovered a mound of dirt beside the pot. It came from the inside of the bottom of the pot somehow. I used a self-watering pot that I made out of two 5 gallon buckets and a funnel, and it worked fairly well for about a year I guess. I don't know if a mouse climbed in the bottom and burrowed out all the dirt or if something just shifted and it poured out the funnel hole. It needed a bigger pot anyway, so now it has one.

I did some more discing on the corn field and have it looking pretty good (almost no grass clumps left green or whole). I tried to smooth it out some today using the disc. It has two settings; I don't know the official names for them, but one is straight and one is cocked inward so that it digs into the earth and tills to a degree. I have been reading the Carla Emery Encyclopedia of Country Living articles on planting field corn (it is one of the books I checked out from the library). I am feeling better about my endeavor.

Josh finished the grow-light for our garage nursery. Still hope the cat doesn't use my flats as a litter box. I seeded some new stuff today, a bunch of stuff from my SSE order. The main things that haven't been started are the corn and sunflowers. I haven't planted the onions yet, but I need to soon I think. Some of my seeds that I had already started sprouting up, so it is a good thing we got the light up and working when we did.

I guess I am back to getting birds before mammals. I am in the process of deciding where to put a chicken coop and which design to use on the "chicken tractor." Regardless of what Josh says, it is not a tractor pulled/powered by chickens. Also thinking about trying to grow some millet for poultry feed since I have heard that it is a treat for the birds.

I still need to find some strawberries to plant for Finn since they didn't have any at the co-op on my last trip. My mother found a road side stand selling fruit trees the other day for $5 each and brought be 2 apple trees (Granny Smith & Red Delicious, which are my two favorites, Lindsay likes Fuji and Gala). I planted them near my pear trees and pruned them vigorously. I also pruned a couple of small persimmon trees growing in the yard since they haven't begun to bloom yet either. Last year they were the last thing to bloom, and I thought they were dead... I am still new to the orcharding and feel really odd "whipping" the young trees down to what seems like nothing, but hey, I'm no expert.

While I dug holes and planted the trees, Finn and Nana (my mother, it is actually her first name too, a built in granny name) played in some left over sand that has been hanging out in the yard since they did our foundation way back when. I stopped over and built him a couple of sand castles which he promptly smashed.

On a non-productive note, Josh and I had the opportunity to shoot some clay pigeons with our good friend JD Davis Saturday. It still seems that Josh is the best with a shotgun. He has an old Springfield single shot that is my dad's and used to be his dad's. He rarely misses a clay pigeon (unless I throw it into a tree or too close to something he shouldn't shoot at). In case you are wondering we use the little red hand thrower for the clays, we've tried a mechanized thrower that my dad bought but it was way too much hassle and broke half of them before they flew. If you get good you can use two of the throwers at once and it's just like the old Nintendo game Duck Hunt. I did get to talk to JD about butchering (his profession) techniques and whatnot. He has worked in meat departments and at deer processing shops. When it does come time to fill the freezer with chevon we'll probably get him to give us a hand on the first few.

Time to read about planting onions as I fall asleep. Last year they did okay, but I mulched them with straw/hay/weeds that we collected from the field which was a bad idea. The weeds took hold and grew over them leaving me with golf ball size bulbs. Maybe I can get it right this year. I borrowed my uncle's mulcher/woodchipper so maybe I'll have a higher grade mulch.


  1. Sounds like you have been very busy!

  2. i am very good at making it sound like i've done a lot more than i actually have, haha. but thanks for the praise! ;) It is hard to get too much done when you are chasing around a 17 month old ...


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