Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To-Do List

We'll I've been working on the list of stuff to do while the family is away and while I've not been as efficient as I hoped, I have gotten some things done. My primary project yesterday was building the "well house." I would have finished it (except for painting) except that I ran out of the material I needed for the roof. I had one sheet of corrugated plastic roofing, but it turned out to be only half of what I needed. Josh is supposed to pick a piece up on his way home today so that should give me enough time to do it this afternoon.

I started to put the screen on the back patio a couple days ago, but the staples I had didn't fit the stapler I had on hand. My other two staplers are at my father-in-law's house where he had to install some insulation in the workshop he is building. I'll have to wait on the screening, but I did finish the reclaimed door installation. I got an old door from my neighbor's barn loft a few months back and repainted it and added some trim to cover a hole that went through the door. I used the same handle that was on it for lack of a better one on hand, and used some scrap left over from a doorway transition strip to make a receiver hole. I used some spare quarter round to finish out the doorjamb and voila, a door that works (and stays shut).

I went to the Co-Op to check on plants and seeds, and ended up picking up 6lbs of field corn to plant in the lower field and some onion sets to go in the gardens. I also asked about places to get guineas, goats, and chickens around here and they really only knew of a couple of prospects. When I asked if they knew anyone with LaManchas they acted like I was crazy. "A whut? LaMunch? LeeManchy? ... Hey y'all ever hear of a ... What did you call that son? ... Naw, we never heard of them... Sorry." Accompany that with a lot of eye rolling and condescention. Mainly from the man; his wife was a little nicer, and is always helpful.

I stopped by the library on the way back just to see what they might have in the homesteading section (Do It Yourself Section). They had a surprisingly high number of pertinent books and I checked out 4. I did find it sad that out of all the people there, no one was even looking at books. They were all huddled around the high speed internet. Seriously, not one person other than myself even looking at books.

Well I better do some work.

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