Sunday, March 29, 2009

Strawberry Fields For... Sometime Soon

Nana brought some (8) strawberry plants today and a crab apple tree. I planted the tree close to the other fruit trees and had to stake one of the pear trees because of some fierce winds that were making it stand with a "gangsta lean." I didn't get the berries planted yet, but they'll be in the ground in a day or two. Here is the bed I have prepared for them, I haven't added any soil additions to it yet so I need to do that before I put them in...

I believe the plant next to the bed is a lilac that Nana also gave to us when she moved the last time. It has some kind of ornamental vine growing around its base that made the transplant with it but I don't know what it is called. Here is another angle:

I did get some yard work in after we planted the tree though. I was able to get the backyard, half the south yard, and part of the front yard mowed before I ran out of gas. I had let it go a little too long down in front where the septic lines are and the grass was knee high above them so I took care of that first.

We have a bird nest in the garden shed that we just discovered today. It is kind of a big nest but a little bird I think. A finch or wren or something like that. I'm no bird watcher, but I can identify a few (though Josh gets irritated when I call turkey buzzards : vultures, not that it really matters since they are pretty much the same thing right?).

The garlic looks to be doing okay in the rear bed and seems to be establishing itself okay. Some of the greens are sprouting (spinach I believe) but I haven't seen any of the peas pop up yet. My tomato seedlings are coming along okay in the garage. I lost a couple thanks to Merlin's need to use one of my tray corners as a piss pot. Josh has cleaned out the litter box good so maybe he won't do that again. The okra and tomatoes are all I am seeing right now though (good ole nightshades). I have thought about putting a little heater next to the plants to maybe get the peppers going or something, and I might if they don't pop up soon.

Today we got a free couch from someone moving out of an apartment over where Nana works. It is in good condition, but we'll probably go the slip cover route again. It looks kind of like one of the couches you'd see in a motel room suite or in a furnished apartment, but it added some more seating to our living room and made me vacuum the rug.

Finn and Nana played in the sand again today with the new toy wheel barrow and shovel that she brought for him. He is still mastering the shovel as well as the fork and spoon; he has the tendency to throw bites over his head "on accident."

Other than those things, the weekend was filled with a Bunko night, helping some good friends move, and a couple of good Sunday afternoon visits. Tomorrow will be bureaucratic day I suppose; we are going to get our taxes done and get our car tags renewed. Yay...

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