Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I have been researching a lot of things lately. I'm trying to prepare for the livestock we will eventually have here on the homestead. Guineas, chickens, and goats in particular. As well as all the new edibles we are going to plant this year and the raised flower beds I am making for Lindsay's kitchen garden.

Also I'm trying to decide on a name for our place. Thomas Jefferson had Monticello, Andrew Jackson had The Hermitage, Thoreau had Walden, Amos Bronson Alcott had The Wayside and the ill-fated Fruitlands, George Washington had Mount Vernon, etc. Jefferson's is Italian, though I'm not sure why. That gave me the idea to name our place something in another language; Spanish maybe, or Latin? Latin is tricky, and Spanish maybe too south of the border. I'm struggling to keep it short (a word or two) and work in something about crows, farms, libraries, family, etc. Suggestions?

Getting back to the livestock, I'm trying to decide where to put the poultry house, and when to order the birds (time of year that is). And trying to establish a field to grow mash-making grains in such as corn, sunflowers, etc. I have run a disc through the lower field and have about an acre roughly broken up, but I don't think it is to the point of being able to plant something on it yet. We don't have a cultivator for the tractor (Farmall H); the disc and bushhog are all we have in the way of tractor implements. The disc has worked fairly well to break up my garden spot from last year, but breaking the ground covered with sod hasn't went as well as I'd hoped despite Josh and I installing way more weights onto the disc. Our friend Amanda models the Farmall H for us after Finn's birthday party.

On top of the growing of the feed, I have to figure out how I am supposed to dry it so that I can store it for the animals; corn-crib? Whatever storage I decide to go with I'll have to build, so that is just one more chore to add to the list. If you have any suggestions on any of the above just leave me a comment.

Good night and good luck.

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  1. guineas! I am jealous, I can't talk my DH into getting any of them! I do think we will be getting a few chickens this year though.


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