Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photos, Grow Lights, and Mutton Chops

I got tagged to do a photo post by Cat over at A Girl and A Farm to do one, so I'll knock it out first. I'm supposed to post the 6th picture in the 6th photo folder in My Pictures. It just so happened that was the folder "House Stuff" and it was a picture of me while we were painting and working on finishing stuff inside the newly built house. Here it is:

You can notice the partially finished cabinets in the background; we purchased those from a discount warehouse in Huntsville. They were unfinished oak so we got them pretty cheap because they are stock dimensions. I figured up the different ones we'd need and designed the kitchen layout somewhat to house them. As it turned out we came out under $2000 for all the kitchen cabinets and we had leftovers that we used in the utility room and in the master bathroom.

You might have seen me in those same paint-splattered overalls; some of the paint has since worn off, but not all. Also I have cut my hair since then; I let it grow unabated for around 5 years and it only got that long. Like the mutton chops? They are not quite as prominent as Mr. Alcott's here to the left, but I like them. I may be the only one though. Haha!

So to the other pictures I promised: the grow lights. Here are some shots of them in action in the garage. I am not sure if you can really tell how the structure is put together here but you'll get the idea.

I have a few more things to get under them, but they are doing well so far. Again, we (Josh) built them out of scraps and they are adjustable. They will slide up when the plants grow more and need more room. The lights I had bought to go in the garage, but we never hung them because we had temporary kelis lights up and just figured they were doing a decent job.

The area to the right is my workbench; the nursery set up here is taking up more than half of my usable work space, but it will be worth it (Hopefully).

Here is a picture of my first seedlings popping up this year: Organic Roma Tomatoes. Exciting! I have a butt load of Roma's planted since I want to focus on spaghetti sauce and salsa. I need to plant some more jalapenos since Gerry (Father-In-Law) says that he needs a bunch to make his famous picante sauce.

I am going to do some part-time electrician work tomorrow with my pops so I better go to bed. Good Night.


  1. I like the light set up! I am so far behind on my garden this year. I have seeds planted but they haven't come up yet.

  2. don't feel bad, I am usually way behind too, and there are only two things coming up right now: tomatoes and okra. everything else is still hiding.


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