Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Paper Work and Future Chores

Well we were able to get a few important business affairs in order today (car tags, taxes done, home owners insurance forwarded to the mortgage company). I am glad to have those out of the way. It seems there is a first time homebuyer's thing for 2009 where you get $8k for buying a house and you don't have to pay it back. The one for last year (when we got our mortgage) is that you can borrow $7500 from the government on a no interest 15 year loan where you pay $500 dollars a year to pay them back. It seems we were a year too early... I am encouraging Josh to get on the ball and build something quick! I did get in some preliminary questions about claiming farm status at the tax office; now I'll be ready to claim expenses and depreciations and whatnot next year... But after looking at some of the paper work and IRS stuff, it might just be easier not to...

We didn't get much else done today. Tomorrow, if it isn't raining, I should be able to get some stuff done. I am about to just build a chicken tractor already and quit the tedious deliberating on how to do it; either that or a coop of some kind, or both! I should have enough scraps laying behind the shed and that would be one way to straighten them up.

I also need to take the cuttings that I have in the root stimulator solution in the backyard and try to stick them in the ground some where I guess. So I suppose I'll have to prepare a temporary nursery bed for them or something. Also plan on putting up a clothes line soon so I need to decide on a location for that somewhere in the backyard and dig a couple of good post holes.

Past time for bed. I really need to become more disciplined on going to bed earlier. It is just hard not to get carried away when your only free time is after the boy falls asleep.

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