Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Merlin and A Seed Order

Josh took the cat to the vet for a checkup yesterday evening. They were amazed at how well his abscess/wound is healing. We're not really sure how he got the wound. He is an outside cat, and one day he showed up on the back steps and his rump was swollen to the size of a grapefruit. Josh scheduled an appointment and put him in the garage. Overnight the abscess burst. It was a gory mess from what I can gather. Somehow I have managed to refrain from seeing it other than peripherally. Josh's playing vet seems to be working, and they said Merlin will be back to terrorizing the local small animal population in no time.

Also I ordered some seeds from SSE yesterday. I tried to keep a $50 limit and stayed pretty close ($52.45 including shipping). I stuck to the hard to get stuff mostly, and plan on getting my run of the mill stuff from a cheaper source (any suggestions?). I'd like to do seed saving this year, so I want to make sure that all the cultivars I choose are save-able. Here is the list of what I ordered:

Tomato, Cherokee Purple , Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1$2.75
Pepper, Ancho Gigantea , Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1$2.75
Pepper, Bull Nose Bell , Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1$2.75
Corn, Blue Jade/Blue Baby , Packet 25 seeds $2.75 1$2.75
Eating Bean, Calypso , 12oz $4.95 1$4.95
Sunflower, Mongolian Giant , 500 seeds $10.25 1$10.25
Corn, Oaxacan Green Dent , Packet 100 seeds $2.75 1$2.75
Pepper, Orange Bell , Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1$2.75
Eggplant, Florida High Bush , Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1$2.75
Lettuce, SSE Lettuce Mixture , Packet 250 seeds $2.75 1$2.75
Pepper, Sweet Chocolate OG, Packet 25 seeds $2.75 1$2.75
Tomato, Gold Medal , Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1$2.75
Sunberry OG, Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1$2.75

I brought up two loads of old hay from the pasture today. They were left there by the guy that kept horses there a couple of years ago. I thought I'd use them as mulch, but right now it is forming a little haystack in the backyard.

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  1. Sounds like a great start to a garden!


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