Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Kitchen Garden

Today I started yet another project: Lindsay's kitchen garden. I'm locating it right off the back patio for optimal access. There were some raised azalea beds that I put in last year when we were landscaping for the home inspector, but the plants died, so I removed them today. I've heard a number of people say they have problems with their azaleas around here, but mine probably died because of me. The beds consisted of 2 ft. squares made from treated 4x4 stacked 2 high and filled with dirt and potting soil. I removed the squares and weeds and spread out the dirt.

I started in with my pick-axe next, and started removing the large clumps of grass and such. Then I had to hurry to the woods before it got dark, where Joshua and I used the tractor and a logging chain to pull out some fallen cedars and a couple that I quickly cut with our ryobi electric chainsaw. I'll be trying to use these as the walls for the new raised bed. We got them pulled up next to the shed just as it got dark and Lindsay called us for dinner.

My neighbor walked over to shoot the breeze with us while we were pulling the trees out. He said he has an old "furr plow" (furrow plow I assume) that we might could use with the tractor, but it is one that was used with a team of mules, so one of us would have to drive the tractor and the other guide the plow like the old days. We may borrow it in a few days and do some tinkering.

I have to go play with the youngun for now.

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