Friday, March 13, 2009

Guns, Seeds, Abners, and Such

I had to run some errands today which turned out good I suppose since it was cold and wet and I didn't want to be working outside. My glasses broke a few days ago and I have been living a blurry life the past few days. I used some of the gun money to get me a new pair made since my insurance won't cover a new pair until June. Bonus though; they were able to fix my old ones with a used part that doesn't quite match so they did that for free. It seems like no matter how careful I am, my frames will only last about 9 months. It sucks. At least now I have a legitimate backup pair (not the ones with the taped-on temple piece).

I did make it by the gun store yesterday, and like always they either act like you are an idiot if you ask them anything, or they just won't help you and instead fawn over the suited guy buying a couple of $1500 machine guns... Seriously, 4 sales people standing around the guy, and I couldn't even get one of them to talk to me. Since my glasses were broke I wasn't very able to discern the different prices etc. that were on the guns behind the counter. I left in a tizzy. My cousin Jeremy said the same thing happens to him there a lot; Josh said they all act like an ass to him as well. It is strange that people get away with acting that way because they are the only good source for certain goods in your area.

It does look like I am going to have to pay between $130-200 for a .22 revolver though (if not a little more). One of the better deals on a new gun is the Heritage model, but that is the same brand my old gun was, so I don't know if I want to trust them again. However this model doesn't have the transfer bar like the other one, so that couldn't mess up. It has a flip down hammer-block safety. It also comes with two cylinders and a holster for around $189. It looks like the 6.5" barrel is the length I want after checking them out.

I also bought some more seeds today from Lowe's while I waited for them to get my new glasses ready across the street. I picked up some of the things I left out of the SSE order (i.e. Romas, broccoli, spinach, carrots, jalapeno, dragon tongue heritage beans, onions, shallots, garlic, some herbs, and a few other things that I can't think of right now). I tried to get the USDA Certified Organic seeds figuring they would be a seed I can save and hopefully not have to buy seeds any more. I mainly bought Burpee, but got a few Ferry Morse. Also bought two 50 count starter trays with "greenhouse" kits (which means a plastic cover). I'd like to get one of those little wooden newspaper molding devices where you can make your own degradable pots for the garden, but I have a hard time paying $18 for a little block of wood. I wish I could find some plans for how to make one and the proper way of folding the paper.

I also got some old disposable cameras developed that I had no idea what was on them. There were some old pictures of a trip we made to my friend John Abner's parents' house for a football game. Waymon Abner, John's father who passed away this winter, was in a few of the pictures. Waymon had a love for gardening and the like and I remember him walking me through his small orchard one afternoon showing me different things he was growing. I also have fond memories of He and Sue Ellen inviting me over for the holidays in the years where I was stuck working at the TV station. He would tell me about his mother's "aldente macaroni" recipe and give me lectures about good music from the old days (another of his loves). We all miss him.

I have to get my seeds started in the garage soon; I just hope it is warm enough in there, and that the cat doesn't use my trays as a litter box.


  1. For the seed cups, could you not use the bottom of a plastic cup and let the wet newspaper dry to form on that? Just a thought. :)


  2. yeah, i guess i could do that. I used the bottom half of gallon jugs, and cut them so that I could use the top half as "hot-caps" in the garden.


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