Monday, March 09, 2009

Farm Updates and Finn's 1st "Camping Trip"

Jack London's place was called "Beauty Ranch" with the stone mansion he was building called "Wolf House."

"[London] had taken fully to heart the vision, expressed in his agrarian fiction, of the land as the closest earthly version of Eden … he educated himself through the study of agricultural manuals and scientific tomes." Read more about his unusual life.

I guess "Crow House" sounds a little stranger than "Wolf House." I guess I'll have to keep working on it.

I searched to find whether or not Emerson's estate had a name, and the best I can find is that his grandfather's home (which he lived at for a time) was named The Old Manse. Nathaniel Hawthorne also stayed there. Incidentally, Emerson was one of Hawthorne's pallbearers. I haven't read any Hawthorne, but he was friends with Thoreau and Emerson so maybe I should.

We took some pictures today out in the yard and I thought I would share some. First is a picture of some of the blossoms on one of my pear trees.

Lindsay also got a good picture of Finn "helping" me in readying her new garden. I would remove rocks, and he would pick them up and put them back in the bed, then clap for himself. I'm not finished with the bed yet; you can see the ill-placed timber and bags of top soil in the background.

This was tonight. Josh snuck off with Finn for a nighttime stroll and called me after a little while and said that he took Finn on his first camping trip. They had fallen asleep in the yard.

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