Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Family Is Back and the Shed Is White!

Well the family is back home from vacation and it feels good. They had a fun time in the Smokey Mountains, and here are a few pictures. They went to Cades Cove for a picnic one day.

Looks like Finney got to play in one of the old churches. Lindsay said that the park and Cades Cove were his favorite things on the trip (other than chocolate, which apparently he can say now, well more of a demand I guess).

I think this was one of their driving breaks to satisfy the toddler's desire to run rampant for a while. He has also picked up the word "uh-oh" as well, and uses it fairly appropriately most of the time.

What did I get done today you say? Well I planted some garlic, shallots, and sowed some greens and lettuce in Lindsay's garden. I know it is the wrong time of the year to plant garlic, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway. My SSE order came in today as well. Josh has been commissioned to build the "grow light" for my nursery; he tells me that he will finish it tomorrow evening. He forgot to pick up the extra covering for the wellhouse, so that also has to wait until the morrow. I did start painting the shed today though, and pretty much finished. I got the back half painted before I ran out of paint so that will have to wait. The interior/exterior wall that is under the awning hasn't been painted yet either, but those are the only two spots that I didn't get. Need more paint. I'll put up some pictures of the shed when I get the rest of the roof on the wellhouse (which is built onto the side of the shed).

We also mounted the bat house my mother gave me for christmas on the south wall of the shed. It is a little lower than proper specifications require, but it is the best we could do. The bottom of it is still about 8 ft. off the ground (rather than 10 or 12) but maybe it will work since it is on a bright colored building's south-facing wall. We shall see though. The way I understand it bats send out scouts for a place to live during the summer similar to the way martins do. I saw a bat fluttering around after dark this evening, maybe it had already found the house we put up for him. Why bats you say? Supposedly they can eat up to 1000 mosquitos a night each (Wikipedia Fact: 70% of bat species are insectivorous, locating their prey by means of sonar). And their droppings (if you collect them from under the bat house) are very rich in fertilizer; guano is what it is called.

I also managed to get in some discing before it got dark. I am focusing my attention on one half of the lower field that I plan to plant with sunflower seeds and corn. Also picked up some more topsoil for the beds. I may plant some onions in them tomorrow.

My dear wife brought me two homesteading books from McKay's Bookstore in Chattanooga; one by JD Belanger and another by the editors of Countryside (probably him as well). She also brought me some peanut butter fudge; yummo! I love her so...

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