Friday, March 06, 2009

Auburn Ag and More on the Kitchen Garden

Interestingly enough I attended a University that is know for its agriculture, veterinarian, and engineering programs, Auburn University. I went there because I was a life-long fan and "legacy" I suppose. My father, both his brothers, my mother's brother, 2 first cousins, and multiple other cousins all went to Auburn. None of whom ended up with degrees in either of the main fields the university is known for, except my Uncle David who became a Mechanical Engineer.

I remember talking with a friend when I was a senior in high school about where to go to college and suggested he go to Auburn with me. His response was, "I don't want to be no farmer." My response, "I don't either, but that is where I'm going." I ended up majoring in Mass Communications, a largely worthless degree other than the fact that it affords me the ability to claim a Bachelor's of Arts degree.

Now all these years later, 13ish, that is more or less what I want to be; a farmer. I prefer to say a homesteader, but whatever (I still think of the combines and huge hundred acre farms of the mid-west when I think of "farmer"). I also have aspirations to be a writer, just like my wife, but that is a fairly common pipe-dream of people from my inner circle.

I just was thinking about it and found it interesting that I never thought to utilize any of the agricultural resources my alma mater housed when I was there. I still appreciate my education immensely, and it helped make me the person I am today. I just find it funny.

Back to the present... I continued work on the kitchen garden bed today: breaking up soil, removing clumps of grass, placing and cutting timbers. I also did a quick scouting run around the edge of the woods looking for any more fallen trees that we could back the tractor up to and found a couple, but I didn't have time to pull them out. Next I need to finish placing the timbers and possibly get a couple more out of the woods, and then fill the bed with topsoil, etc. Lindsay gave me a hand at removing grass this morning and I really enjoyed her company. I'll put a picture up of the finished product soon.

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