Thursday, October 09, 2008

Another Tooth, etc.

Finn & Daddy watching an episode of My Friends Tigger & PoohFinn got his other upper front tooth, so now he has nothing to ask for for Christmas. He is on the verge of walking independently (he can take 5 or 6 steps without holding on to anything but has to stop in between steps to clap for himself). He can move up and down the halls as long as there is wall to hold on to, but he finds it easier and quicker just to pop a squat and tear out crawling at top speeds.

His birthday party is going to be here at the house on November 8th as far as I know; probably between 10:30 and 11:30 start time. We aren't sure about activities, or presents yet, but clothes are usually a good option (something between 12 to 18 months should do, unless you want to go farther into the future...) and he also likes balls and Tigger and Pooh accessories or DVDs (but we have the heffalump movie, pooh's christmas, the original pooh movie, and lumpy's first halloween). I'll get you more details soon.


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