Monday, June 02, 2008

The new house

Well we closed on the house and moved in. I'd say we're around 98% done. I still have some baseboard to put down, and a few doors to paint or touch-up. I still have some closet rods and shelves to install, and some thresholds to install. I suppose there will always be something left to do.

Just so you know we are now on dial-up, so there probably won't be a whole bunch of pictures. I will try to get some up, but good god, I don't know how we lived with this slow stuff for so long.

Finn is doing great and tried his feet in the pool this weekend. He liked just that though.

I planted a garden, and have had my first casualty. I left for a day or two and came back to find my newly planted sweet taters half gone. I could only find one deer track, but I suppose that is all it takes. I know have to figure out how to stop them before they become more bold and move into the rest of the garden.

Here is a list of all I have planted:
watermelons (red and orange),
squash (crookneck, straight-neck, buttercup, spaghetti, and zucchini),
cucumbers (2 varieties),
strawberries (2 varieties),
tomatoes (3 heirlooms, a bonnie's, a patio, and some regular),
peppers (jalapeno, 4 red bell, yellow bell, purple bell, green bell, cowhorn, anaheim, cayenne, sweet banana),
dipper gourds,
60 onions,
a couple of bean plants (the seeds were old and the rest didn't come up),
sweet potatoes,

That is all I can remember right now, and maybe all of it. Wish me luck.

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